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The finest in cognac with a backdrop to match: guests of Jet Linx San Antonio were treated to a special Hennessy tasting experience in a luxury hillside retreat overlooking Austin in May.


Hosted at a home designed by world renowned architect Peter Gluck known locally as “the floating box,” guests gathered high on the hills in Westlake to take in breathtaking views of the downtown Austin skyline and sample the best from Hennessy. The home, offered for sale at time of publication by agent Cord Shiflet, is set on over four acres of meticulous landscape in the heart of Westlake. The acreage surrounding the house offers complete privacy and an unobstructed view of downtown Austin.

“The home is literally a work of art inside and out,” said Eric Love, Jet Linx San Antonio Vice President of Sales. The striking home features two walls of windows in the main living space, plus two underground wings with three bedrooms, a media room, bar, sauna and a spectacular wine cellar. “Our guests were not at a loss for words when they entered this space,” Love continued. “I heard it called stunning, amazing, exquisite, and breathtaking. The home had its own powerful allure. The fact this home is a place where President’s have dined added to the intrigue.”

“Without question, the location of this event added to the overall effect,” noted Jet Linx San Antonio Base President Tom Northington. “The quality and aesthetics of the home amplified the impact of the incredible food and cognac, which are independently wonderful on their own.”


The Prestige Experience: Tasting Menu

Hennessy X.O 


A blend of 100 eaux-de-vie, its deep amber color is a sign of its intensity. At once rich and robust, it constantly reveals layers of flavors with distinctive persistence on the palate. Created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870 for his circle of friends, Hennessy X.O was the first Cognac classified as X.O, or “extra old,” because of its extended aging process.


Hennessy Paradis


Paradis is named after the special section in the Hennessy aging cellars where the finest, rarest, and oldest eaux-de-vie are carefully guarded. Created in 1979, the blend was conceived to be superlative yet subtle, making some of Hennessy’s most precious spirits widely available for the first time.

Hennessy Imperial


Introduced in 2011, Hennessy Paradis Impérial is the product of 250 years of savoir-faire. The Fillioux family have aged and protected an elite selection of eaux-devie over time, at last making it possible to create this rare blend. Hennessy Paradis Imperial embodies the pinnacle of the art of selection. From any harvest, the average number of eaux-de-vie with the potential to join this blend are a rare few: only 10 out of 10,000.


Richard Hennessy


A tribute to Richard Hennessy, who founded his enterprise in 1765, this Cognac is the embodiment of over 250 years of the history, knowledge and expertise of the Hennessy Maison. Created for connoisseurs of the greatest Cognacs, it brings together the past and the present in a blossoming encounter. An unparalleled range of aromas gives Richard Hennessy its unique complexity.


Guests were treated to Hennessy cocktails upon arrival, and then seated for a comprehensive lineup of the most luxurious Hennessy products. The cognac tasting accompanied an incredible three course menu, including charred corn ravioli, filet mignon, and a sweet finish of pistachio sponge cake with salted caramel and bourbon gelato. The Hennessy expressions

The Hennessy expressions served represent the finest in the family, and included Hennessy  Paradis and Richard Hennessy. A representative of the House of Hennessy, Rhonda McDonald, was on hand to provide a colorful education and product back story with each tasting. “All four expressions were wonderful,” noted Love. “You could really appreciate the care put in to making these cognacs.” Northington found himself partial to Hennessy X.O. “I might have bought six bottles,” he laughed. “And I certainly wasn’t alone in my purchases. Guests were thrilled to have the chance to enjoy Hennessy in this elevated setting and bring home a bottle to recreate that energy in  their own home.”

Northington also noted how these events further solidify the Jet Linx commitment to our clients. “This event exemplifies what Jet Linx is all about. We are more than just the best in travel. We are able to bring together the best people to create memorable experiences.”