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Good Works with Jet Linx Dallas Private Jet Company

Oct 14, 2014 | Community Involvement, Dallas

_Jetlinx__YourPersonalJetCompany__Elements__HPVillage__JetLinxDallasJet cards, private jet management – and philanthropy? It might not seem like an obvious match, but the dedicated team at Jet Linx Dallas balances all three with ease.

Brent Carreker, Jet Linx Dallas Base Partner and President, said, “Supporting charitable events and organizations in Dallas is more than a business decision. It’s a way of life. It’s an investment in the community that we call home, and I can’t think of anything more important.”

While Jet Linx Dallas supports a variety of worthy organizations and events in the Dallas area (including Jewel Charity, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas and The Crystal Charity Ball), the spirit of giving doesn’t end outside the office.

Denny (J.D.) Carreker, Jet Linx Dallas Base Partner, and his wife Connie apply their finely honed skills to praiseworthy efforts in the Dallas community. Denny said, “I’m an engineer who likes to envision things the way they could or should be … I discovered that’s a useful aptitude to have in the world of philanthropy, too. No matter how big their heart is or how big the budget, almost every organization can be more effective and efficient. I’m privileged to contribute in that way to so many quality organizations.”

Connie, performs community work that complements Denny’s. A talented event planner with an artistic eye and a deaf ear for “No, it can’t be done,” she puts her heart and soul into every event, large and small.

“To make an event successful,” Connie said, “I just try to keep in mind what people want from an event. They want to feel welcome – not out of place, no matter how glamorous or unusual the setting. They want you to surprise them in some way. That can get a little complicated, but when it works – from the concept to the details, to the funds it raises – you know you’ve done something special that will help a charitable organization accomplish its important goals.”

The Carrekers have supported Make A Wish, Camp John Marc and Salvation Army. Most recently, Denny helped found and currently chairs Promising Youth Alliance, a collaboration among Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs and Phoenix House.

This year, the couple served as chairs for the Legends Gala, the signature fundraiser for St. Paul Medical Foundation. The foundation supports all UT Southwestern University Hospitals, including St. Paul University Hospital. The event raised awareness and funds for the medical center’s heart, lung, vascular and cerebrovascular research programs.