November 26, 2018

My Home Base – Creighton Ring, Jet Linx Tulsa

In each edition of My Home Base, we feature a member of the Jet Linx team from across the country and showcase what they feel makes their Jet Linx location and their city special. In this edition, meet Creighton Ring, Jet Linx Tulsa Base Chief Pilot.

Favorite part of your job: It’s a toss-up between two experiences – 1) climbing out of dreary overcast into the sunshine and a cobalt blue sky, and 2) seeing the excitement of our clients when they arrive at a destination they’ve longed to visit.

Describe the Jet Linx experience/team in one word: Symphony. A composition of many elements goes into making every experience flawless for our private jet card clients and aircraft owners.

Favorite thing about Tulsa: The wide range of experiences from lake life and horse country, to amazing dining, live theater and music – Tulsa has it all!

What might someone find surprising about your job: How close our team is! The local Tulsa team, other Base teams, and the team at our National Operations Center are all truly a joy to work with. We celebrate birthdays, holidays and help one-another when in need. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves and say, “We’re at work!” Jet Linx truly is a family.

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