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Get Going on the Ground with Go Rentals

Apr 7, 2021 | Private Jet Travel, SOAR Magazine, Elevated Lifestyle

As the only Official Elite Car Rental Company for Forbes Travel Guide, Go Rentals delivers white-glove service planeside at over 100+ locations across the country.


Since 1995, Go Rentals has led the way in luxury ground transportation catered specifically to the needs of private aviation consumers. Their discreet, elite ground transportation serves as a seamless complement to the Jet Linx experience.

Go Rentals offers the same world-class service and commitment to safety that Jet Linx clients expect, which is why this Elevated Lifestyle (EL) partner fits so well in the EL program. Go Rentals teams track flights to ensure timely delivery of vehicles, ensuring the moment you step off a Jet Linx jet, a luxury vehicle will be waiting for you planeside. The goal is a seamless and safe transition from private jet to private vehicle.

“We differentiate ourselves in numerous ways,” explained Clair Joseph, Go Rentals Director of Aviation VIP Services. “For one, we only serve private aviation clients and we are the only Forbes Travel Guide-approved ground transportation in the world. The emphasis lies in the personalized service we provide, but we also offer a range of premium vehicles, all of which are current year model and fully upgraded.”





Go Rentals offers an expansive fleet of vehicles, which in addition to being fully-upgraded and current year models, promises odometers that do not exceed the 10,000 mile mark. The power of the fleet lies in the variety; clients can opt for utilitarian vehicles such as a Ford 12-passenger van (with all of the bells and whistles), a Toyota Camry, or a Jeep Wrangler. However, luxury brands like Bentley, Audi, Cadillac, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, and Tesla are available as well. Most cars come in premium colors such as silver, black or white – except for noteworthy vehicles such as a classic red Ferrari.

The Go Rentals fleet also offers extended backs with all large vehicles. When a client requests an Escalade, the team at Go Rentals knows that if there are seven passengers, there should be room for seven or more pieces of luggage. No other car rental service purchases the extended cab editions of large SUV’s, on top of premium interiors and other upgraded features.

When a reservation is made with a Go Rentals Carcierge©, the quoted price is for the exact make and model requested, not a comparable type. Utilization is kept low to ensure clients can access the exact type of vehicle requested, and in the rate event transportation doesn’t arrive on time, it is free. The ability to handpick a specific vehicle, down to the paint color and interior furnishings, enhances the experience and illustrates why Go Rentals remains the only Forbes Travel Guide-rated aviation transportation service.

“No matter what time a plane lands, our teams will be tracking the flight to ensure that when passengers deplane, the exact vehicle they requested will be waiting for them, engine running,” Joseph explained. “If we’re operating in a cold climate, we’ll ensure that seat warmers have been turned on and that the heat is running. If it’s a warm climate, the air will be running and cold water will be available. Navigation to the next destination will already be engaged, allowing clients to get in and go without a moment’s delay.”

Consistent cleaning and sanitization has been the norm at Go Rentals long before the arrival of the pandemic, but on top of strict health and safety measures, vehicles are quarantined for 48 hours before and after a service trip is completed. Vehicles are also cleaned and sanitized before and after trips, ensuring the highest level of safety possible.

“Long before it became a buzzword, we were sanitizing vehicles in between trips because we know our clients care about the small details and we do too,” Joseph explained. “We know the lengths that Jet Linx goes to protect passengers, and we want to provide an equal amount of safety when passengers leave your private jets, so we sanitize and quarantine our vehicles to limit exposure.”





With locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and service to over 90+ airports and FBOs, whatever your need, Go Rentals will deliver it according to your specifications. While each location offers a slightly different fleet of vehicles, they move vehicles to meet the needs of clients.

“Our job is to provide our guests with the vehicles they want,” Joseph explained. “For example, a lot of people are interested in Teslas. We may not have a Tesla at every location, but we move them to allow access when they are requested. That’s all part of our promise to deliver service on time and on demand.”

Go Rentals keeps a healthy range of vehicles at every location, with many best suited for the environment at hand. For example, nearly all vehicles in Aspen, Colorado, will come with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. In Las Vegas, clients can expect a variety of luxury convertibles, perfect for soaking in the desert sun and bright lights of the city. Regardless of location, all Go Rentals vehicles are fully upgraded and equipped to move clients safely and comfortably.


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