October 28, 2014

From the Flight Deck: Avoiding Bad Weather with Private Jet Aviation

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From the Flight Deck features insights from the core of our private jet aviation family – our pilots! This issue, take flight with Ari Sarmento, Jet Linx System Chief Pilot.

Have you ever wondered how pilots circumnavigate bad weather?

Each Jet Linx pilot is equipped with an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) that can access weather for
any location, any time. Forecasted weather is continuously updated in the EFB so our pilots can use real time information to select the best flight approach for landing at any airport. They also spend time before each flight reviewing weather maps and interpreting weather forecasts to make your flight the smoothest possible.

Fortunately, most of the time we can go over or around bad weather (although takeoff and landing sometimes require us to go through it). With onboard radar, we can easily view weather ahead and go around the bad stuff. The radar is normally located between the two pilots so that both can view the display. The colors on the screen represent different intensity of precipitation. Red is very heavy and green is light, while the black area represents no rain and good weather.

The radar is a part of a display known as the Multi- Functional Display (MFD). This system allows pilots to display their navigation route, moving map, weather radar, Ground Proximity Warning System and airport information all on the same screen. With today’s advanced technology, we can overlay the aircraft flight path on weather information and anticipate interference from bad weather to adjust course as needed.

With our expansive package of forecasting and monitoring tools, Jet Linx pilots aim to provide the smoothest flight possible on every trip, even in less-than-sunny skies!


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