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A dedication to the latest eye protection technology and a passion for protecting eyes worldwide have driven Revo to the forefront of the luxury eyewear space. Founded in 1985, Revo quickly became a global performance eyewear brand known as the leader in polarized lens technology. Their sunglasses were first created by utilizing lens technology originally developed by NASA as solar protection for satellites.

“We owe this concept to Dr. Mitchell Ruda who created the now iconic Revo Mirror Lens,” said Cliff Robinson, President of Revo. It was, as Robinson described, a classic cartoon ‘light bulb’ moment. Picture a scientist working away in his lab, developing coatings to protect space satellites, who also happens to be a skier. “One day on the slopes he thinks, ‘if I can protect a satellite in space, surely I can improve upon the protection I get down here on earth.’ And that’s how Revo was born.”

Now, more than three decades later, Revo continues to build on a rich tradition of technology and innovation by offering the clearest and most advanced high-contrast polarized sunglass available in a variety of colors and styles. “It is in our DNA to always offer the best technology and best performance,” Robinson continued. “That’s what drives us every day. We didn’t end up in this space – we created this space.”

Customers are instantly impressed by the quality and clarity of Revo products. Those who fist don a pair of Revo sunglasses are quick to point out the ways in which their polarized technology impacts their experience. “The wearer’s experience is amplified by trying on a pair of Revo lenses. That IS the first thing they notice,” exclaimed Joyce Kurtulus, Executive Vice President of Design for Revo. “The clarity and the degree of visual color enhancement all add to that experience.”


Cliff Robinson

President, Revo

Robinson noted that a first time Revo wearer often has a moment of finally “seeing the light.” He laughed, “I have been to enough demo days and consumer events where I see that first hand. People generally just smile and say ‘wow, these are the best lenses I have ever worn.’ And in most cases, they will end up buying a pair on the spot.”

Revo appeals to those with a penchant for an active or adventurous lifestyle. “Our customers tend to like travel, the outdoors, being active. They want performance,” Robinson affirmed. That is why Revo prides itself on being a brand that balances fashion and performance. “We always want to offer the best performance with the best materials,” he noted, “but performance and luxury should also be timeless. Our product won’t go out of style season to season.”

The full range of Revo products includes everything from traditional styling for lazy summer days to goggles designed to fit a wide range of helmets for active winter sports. All products, both those for fashion and those for function, include the Revo Light Management System™, their signature technology that manages the full spectrum of light while offering superior protection from UV rays and both Blue and High Energy Visible (HEV) light.

The extensive Revo lens color palette includes nine lenses designed to manage and filter the full spectrum of light to optimize customers’ vision in a variety of light environments. Options include H2O Blue, Blue Water, Champagne, Graphite, Green Water, Open Road, Solar Orange, Stealth and Terra.

Each of the lens colors available is designed with different applications and activities in mind, from leisure to action. Plus, all Revo lenses feature Digital Polarized Plus™ technology for 100% polarization to protect against glare, while still allowing you to view devices, watches, phones, etc.

The various lens options have both practical and aesthetic appeal. Robinson points to two personal favorites – Blue Water and a newer color offering, Champagne. “I love our Blue Water lens!” he exclaimed. “I think it is iconic Revo. I tend to do a ton of outdoor activity and the Blue Water adapts to every environment.”

As for the recently unveiled Champagne option designed with the active woman in mind, “I love this lens first for the color, which is beautiful, but also for the fact that our industry had mostly ignored women’s performance options in the past and most brands just ‘added women’s colors’ to men’s frames. I think we were the first to design a lens just for women.”

Also unique to the Revo universe is a philanthropic campaign known as “Buy Vision, Give Sight.” Together with U2 front man Bono and The Brien Holden Vision Institute, Revo is committed to preventing vision impairment and blindness in more than five million kids and adults by the year 2020. Due to the combination of a lack of practitioners, glasses and treatment facilities, 625 million people worldwide are unnecessarily blind or vision impaired. It made sense for a company dedicated to protecting sight to find a charitable means to extend its mission.

The Bono-backed campaign launched two years ago, and is supported by each and every Revo sale. “At around the time we were searching for a way to give back, Bono announced he had glaucoma, and that the disease was the reason he wears sunglasses all the time,” noted Robinson. “It just hit us… how awesome would it be to enlist Bono to help us end preventable blindness?” Robinson also noted that the incredible charitable spirit of Bono made him a natural fit for the Buy Vision, Give Sight initiative. “He immediately said he would be interested in lending his name to this worthwhile cause. Since we started the campaign, we have donated millions of dollars and our charitable partners have helped over 15 million people.”

The campaign focuses on three major goals for those in under-served communities: prevention (through training local people to provide eye care), detection (helping people like teachers spot vision issues in students) and treatment (providing affordable treatment options and ongoing support).

“We are excited to partner with a progressive and thoughtful company like Revo,” noted Jamie Walker, Jet Linx President and CEO. “Those who choose Jet Linx private jet travel frequently and often share a great love of activities such as boating, skiing and hunting. A product designed to help someone most enjoy their time outdoors will readily resonate with our clients and their private aviation needs.”