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Four Trends Shaping Luxury Travel in the New Normal

The impacts of the pandemic have shaken the travel industry, replacing what was normal with a new normal.


Rapid change seems a constant in the world of private aviation, but 2020 continues to be an exceptional year. The global spread of COVID-19 swept the travel industry off its feet, forcing airlines, private jet companies and more to adapt and in some cases, close their doors. Jet Linx reacted swiftly to the onset of the pandemic, pivoting to meet the critical needs of customers through enhanced sanitation measures and changes to standard operating procedures that will carry in to the new normal.

While travel has resumed, it is undoubtedly a more complicated affair. An emphasis on health and wellness looks to be the definitive trend for all players in travel in 2020 and beyond.


Private jets are a key to travel in the new normal.

Private aviation is a key to travel in the new normal.

1. Interest in private aviation has surged since mid-April.


Despite flight levels plunging 80% early in the year, Global Market Tracker reported that through June 9, private flight levels approached 70% of expected volumes compared to the same period in 2019. Over Memorial Day weekend as we approach a new normal, Part 135 flights ended up at 71% of last year’s level. All statistics point to private aviation having a defining moment in reviving travel in the new normal.

According to TSA data, commercial airline passenger totals continue to lag in the new normal, hovering at 15% of volumes versus the same time last year. Most airlines have reduced routes and offered fewer flights. And like always, the commercial cabin remains full of unknown passengers. The impacts of the pandemic on commercial air travel have led to a spike in interest in private aviation. Those that can afford private aviation but have not previously utilized it are now much more inclined to try it. McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, estimates that pre-pandemic, only 10% of those that could afford to fly privately did so.

Jet Linx data reveals web inquiries increased 171% month over month for April 2020 to May 2020. Inquiries for summer 2020 are on pace to increase by 135% year-over-year. While commercial is slow to recover in the new normal, the private aviation market has warmed quickly. More and more travelers are seeking the safety of private operations – seeing value and security in the safety and security private jet travel affords. Providers like Jet Linx have adapted in order to meet a rise in demand while heightening industry-best safety and service standards.


Sanitation measures are of key importance in the new normal.

Sanitation measures are of key importance in the new normal.

2. A concentrated effort on sterilizing and sanitizing high use areas.


Consider this: On a single commercial flight, there are an estimated 700 touchpoints exposing passengers to the risk of contagion. On a private flight, only 20 such touchpoints exist, reducing the likelihood of exposure by 30 times. Private aviation, even before the pandemic, offered a more secure alternative, and one critical to peace of mind in the new normal.

As industry-leaders in safety, Jet Linx continued to elevate the standard by forming a partnership with BIOPROTECT™. BIOPROTECT™ is an EPA-registered antimicrobial technology to protect surfaces. It provides durable long term protection that kills and inhibits the growth of problematic bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoans, and viruses. All Jet Linx aircraft and private terminals are treated with BIOPROTECT™ to ensure our facilities are not just clean, but disinfected and protected.

Jet Linx chose to partner with ViaClean Technologies and BIOPROTECT™ because of the product’s safety and non-toxicity. It also offers residual surface protection when applied. And, the product has a place both during the pandemic and in the new normal. Two separate Centers of Research Excellence within the Global Virus Network (GVN) independently conducted an extensive series of tests on BIOPROTECT™ in May 2020. These tests demonstrated BIOPROTECT™ to be effective at quickly eliminating SARS-CoV-2 and continuously eradicating and preventing SARS-CoV-2 growth.

Other safety measures include six-feet separation between crew and passengers wherever possible, mandatory self-health checks two times per day for crew, face masks for all client-facing Jet Linx team members, and the spraying of air sanitizer in the cabin between flights. On top of these measures, crews complete a rigorous cleaning checklist after every flight, ensuring maximum aircraft sanitation.

But what happens when Jet Linx members or owners leave the safety of our private facilities and aircraft? Jet Linx relies on our trusted Elevated Lifestyle (EL) ground transportation partners, Savoya and Go Rentals. Savoya, a secure end-to-end ground transportation service, recently overhauled its sanitation standards for all vehicles in their fleet. All vehicles used by Savoya undergo extensive cleaning and sanitation procedures, including a pre- and post-trip checklist. Drivers and passengers must wear face masks from pickup to drop-off. Only fresh air is circulated into the vehicle when climate control is used. Go Rentals vehicles are hand-detailed, sanitized and inspected prior to delivery, with all paperwork completed digitally. Delivery of the rental vehicle is plane side at private airports, or at the guest hotels or residence. With the help of extensive cleaning and sanitation from our EL partners, Jet Linx passengers remain protected from the tarmac to their final destination.

Remote travel destinations are best accessed by private jet.

3. Rather than vacationing at large potential hot spots and urban areas, passengers in the new normal aim for more isolated destinations


A major upside of private aviation lies in the ability to access remote airports close to these preferred getaways – over 5,000 airports nationwide. Instead of a long transfer from a commercial hub to your vacation, private aviation gets you to the relaxation of your remote getaway sooner.

Under the banner of the Jet Linx Travel Wisely program, our clients have a bevy of opportunities to find the perfect remote escape. Jet Linx regularly flies passengers to luxurious, out-of-the-way properties. These include Elevated Lifestyle Partner, Bunker Hill Farms, an exclusive property with a one-of-a-kind golf course and a bevy of other activities. Here, our clients and their guests can indulge in a true escape, claiming this invitation-only property for just their traveling party.

KEY Anywhere, another EL partner, assists clients in planning remote getaways. As your personal planners, they can coordinate every detail of your post-flight (or pre-flight) journey. Simply envision your next destination and their team will make it come to life. No trip is too small and no request too big, from a weekend getaway to Napa to a holiday trip to Aspen. Seeking the perfect hiking excursion in Jackson Hole? Contactless grocery delivery to your private, secluded rental home? Connection to those who mean the most during otherwise uncertain times? Your Jet Linx jet can whisk you away to a remote getaway that speaks to the new normal, with private accommodations and contactless activities offered by KEY Anywhere.

Private jets can access over 180 countries around the world.

4. Planning for the future beyond the new normal, outside our borders.


While the pandemic continues to impact international travel options, those with wanderlust can begin planning for the future with Jet Linx Planworthy Journeys. Jet Linx offers access to 180 countries via private jet, as well as connections to bespoke international journeys with complete itineraries.

One offering, a golf trip to Southwest Ireland in 2021, allows clients the opportunity to play at six renowned courses: Doonbeg, Ballybunion, Tralce, Waterville, Old Head and Lahinch. Accommodations include a five-night stay at Killarney Plaza and one night at Vaughan Lodge in Lahinch. The package includes coach and driver, pick up and drop off at Dublin Airport, and all local taxes and service charges.

Not a golfer? Feeling adventurous? Perhaps a trip to the Galapagos with Elevated Lifestyle Partner, Huffman Travel, might satisfy your wanderlust. With six incredible accommodations – including luxury hotels and a private yacht – across five locations, this is one Planworthy trip. Discover the Galapagos Islands with a personal guide and choose your daily activities, from hiking and snorkeling with sea lions to visiting a penguin colony. A trip like this requires advance planning – Jet Linx and Huffman Travel are standing by to assist clients in crafting a perfect journey.

As the world returns to normal, you can rely on private aviation from Jet Linx to ensure necessary precaution while executing our industry-best Forbes Five-Star service. Learn more below.

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