Four Reasons

to Use a Flight Attendant for Your Next Heavy Jet Trip

While not required by the FAA, there are a host of reasons to consider using a Flight Attendant for private jet travel, especially when using Heavy Jet aircraft.

1. Service Experience

With larger aircraft come longer legs, more catering, and more passengers. Air Hostesses and Flight Attendants both know how to keep you happy during your journey by air. Advanced culinary and etiquette training will make for a much more enjoyable flight, especially when you are traveling greater distances during potentially stressful business trips.

2. Understanding Cabin Equipment

Heavy aircraft often have specialized in-flight entertainment equipment (audio, video, etc.). An experienced Flight Attendant understands these systems and can run them for you, adding to the enjoyment of your flight. Galleys often have ovens, coffee makers and other features that a Flight Attendant can also manage. Finally, this equipment, along with galley items such as drawers and cabinet doors, can be very expensive to repair if accidentally damaged by an unknowing passenger. A Flight Attendant can protect against any possible damage.

3. Safety

With a bigger aircraft, exits are more spread out, increasing the risk of confusion during and after any potential emergency event. World-class Flight Attendants found on luxury aircraft are educated on how to respond to various scenarios, from plane-specific events to health emergencies requiring CPR. When you have a highly trained Flight Attendant, it allows the pilot to remain focused on flying, should an urgent situation arise.

4. Support and Communication

A Flight Attendant can be helpful assisting with real time information such as taxi delays or flight status while en route. Your Flight Attendant can connect directly with the team at the Jet Linx National Operations Center, relaying information on your trip as it happens.