July 20, 2022

Four Reasons to Soar with Jet Linx Aircraft Management

With 23 years in the private aviation industry, Jet Linx knows how to efficiently manage a business jet. Our full-service model combines local service backed by a national infrastructure, providing hassle-free flight to aircraft owners across the country.

The Jet Linx Aircraft Management Program allows robust oversight for critical aspects of aircraft ownership such as personnel management, pilot hiring, maintenance, fuel, compliance, insurance and more. On top of our turnkey management services, the size and breadth of our fleet and crews provide leverage for volume discounts. These cost savings are passed directly to our Aircraft Management clients.

While there are many benefits to our Aircraft Management program, there are four key areas that make Jet Linx soar above the competition: guaranteed revenue generation, cost savings, national infrastructure, and robust owner reporting.

1. Guaranteed Revenue Generation

Due to our industry-unique model, our Jet Linx Jet Card Members provide consistent demand and a guaranteed revenue stream for our Aircraft Management clients. When you enter our Aircraft Management program, Jet Linx adds your private jet to our nationwide fleet available to our Jet Card Members, directly offsetting your costs of ownership. We also set the hourly revenue paid to our Aircraft Owners, as well as the price of fuel. By setting our own hourly rates, our Aircraft Management clients avoid the volatility of the charter market.

Jet Linx will also make your private jet available to the wholesale charter market via our trusted wholesale charter partners, offering added revenue opportunities. Our industry-leading safety standards and established Charter department make our fleet highly sought-after on the market. Our Fleet Optimization team fills deadhead and transient flights so that your asset will be fully utilized while remaining available when you need it. Our model works to ensure that your asset will be utilized to its maximum potential – or according to your specific goals.

2. Savings Passed Directly to Aircraft Owners

Out of more than 2,000 aircraft management companies in the United States, Jet Linx manages the third-largest managed Part 135 fleet in the country. Because of our size we offer volume discounts on fuel, maintenance, training, hangar costs and insurance. These cost savings are passed directly to our Aircraft Management clients. Using leverage from our economies of scale, our clients typically save at least 20% on all costs combined, adding up to thousands of dollars in annual savings.

We know that fuel is often the largest expense for private jet owners, so we regularly research and negotiate the lowest prices from the best fuel programs. Because of our expertise and relationships with fuel vendors, our clients save on average 25% on fuel. By partnering with major fuel vendors across the country, our fleet gains access to discounted fuel prices even when purchasing outside of our Base locations.

Because we coordinate the maintenance of different types and categories of private jets across the country, our clients receive discounts of 10-20% on private jet maintenance. Better yet, our fleet insurance policy offers competitive terms and high-quality claims service. Our elite status within the industry allows for discounted rates, saving our aircraft owners up to 30% on insurance.

With so many aircraft in our fleet, Jet Linx hires and trains hundreds of pilots for many different types of aircraft. The volume of pilots that we send to annual training events allows our aircraft owners up to 10% in pass-through savings annually. We partner with some of the world’s largest business aviation training providers, including FlightSafety and CAE, all with the highest standards of safety.

3. National Infrastructure and Local Support

More than 100 employees at our National Operations Center (NOC) provide seamless support to our local Base teams, forming wraparound coverage and an industry-best experience for our Aircraft Management clients. Numerous different departments at the NOC (such as Flight Coordination, Human Resources, Information Technology, Accounting, Maintenance and more) provide support to our local teams, helping to deliver consistent Five-Star service.

To ensure we provide the best flight experience, our Flight Coordination team at the NOC oversee flight control, fight planning and international operations, as well as crewing and scheduling. From departure to arrival, there is always a private jet professional tracking your path, ensuring a Five-Star experience and the highest standard of safety. In-house accountants at the NOC also prepare monthly owner statements that outline trip expenses, aircraft revenue, maintenance costs, and more. The Jet Linx Human Resources team provides aircraft owners with pilots hired and managed through our company, ensuring that your aircraft is being flown by a qualified, well-trained and airworthy crew.

Local Jet Linx maintenance teams work together with quality control teams at the NOC to ensure that our maintenance partners perform the same high-quality work, no matter where an aircraft is based. The communication and coordination between the NOC and local Base teams provide the necessary bandwidth for more efficient management of your private jet.

4. Transparent Owner Reporting

Just as shareholders and investors expect accurate, timely and meaningful data on their assets, Jet Linx offers real-time reporting through our state-of-the-art online Owner Portal and Jet Linx Mobile App. Few other private jet operators within our industry have the capability to offer this kind of reporting. Because we value transparency and feedback, we offer two ways for Aircraft Management clients to access information quickly and easily.

Through the Jet Linx Mobile App, Aircraft Owners can access the owner dashboard for reliable reporting on highly-referenced items and usage statistics. At any time, Aircraft Owners can find year-to-date and month-to-date information on revenue, revenue hours, owner flight hours and more. A calendar view also provides owners with information on trips and planned maintenance events, plus other Jet Linx news can be found within the Mobile App. From the Mobile App, Aircraft Owners can make an easy transition into the online Owner Portal.

Premium, real-time reporting on aircraft usage and financials, accessed via the Jet Linx Owner Portal, is something that no regional or local operators have the bandwidth to provide to Aircraft Management clients. Our Owner Portal allows an aircraft owner or their executive assistant to log in and quickly access precise data such as hours and revenue, average monthly utilization, trip details, current accounts receivable, flight log summaries and more. Another helpful area in the Owner Portal is the fuel and expenses dashboard, where all aircraft expenses are documented. This information includes fuel purchases, fuel burn, owner trip expenses, crew meal and hotel cost, and even the average cost of fuel between states.

Precise documentation such as Jet Linx agreements, insurance certificates and registration documentation can also be found in the Owner Portal – allowing an aircraft owner or an executive assistant to review documentation at any time. The Owner Portal is full of dashboards that offer useful information to allow the most efficient management of an aircraft. We know that each Aircraft Owner has different goals for their asset, and the Owner Portal allows clients to continuously monitor their assets for their desired performance.

No other Aircraft Management program in the country can match the value and bespoke Five-Star service that Jet Linx offers. Contact us today to experience hassle-free flight!

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