February 23, 2023

Globetrotting: The Definitive Guide to Flying International from Jet Linx

Those who have flown commercial to an international destination may be familiar with not only the pressure of proper documentation, but the confusion of sprawling airport lines, customs and more. Flying internationally via private jet offers significant advantages and incredible convenience, especially when partnering with a proven Five-Star partner like Jet Linx.

With a fleet of more than 110 private jet aircraft composed of dozens of sizes and types, Jet Linx can not only reach more than 5,000 airports nationwide but remains certified to fly to more than 180 nations across the globe. The Jet Linx fleet of Super Midsize and Heavy Jet aircraft can easily reach Mexico and the Caribbean, and with a dedicated International Operations team on hand, Jet Linx can also easily complete International missions, including to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, Central America and Australia. When all is said and done, Jet Linx can safely and efficiently transport our Jet Card Members and Aircraft Owners to almost any destination imaginable.

Jet Linx International Trip Volume, Year-Over-Year

Jet Linx has completed more than 10,000 international trips since 2014. While international flight volumes took a dip in 2020 alongside pandemic concerns, they returned to and exceeded pre-pandemic levels in 2021. By last year, Jet Linx saw nearly 2,000 international missions completed. The increasing number of Heavy Jets in fleet will only continue to grow the number of international destinations that Jet Linx clients can fly to, including 50 international hotel and resort partners within the Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle Preferred Hotel Program.  

“The International Operations team, in collaboration with local Jet Linx Bases and our local international handlers, guarantees that all trip details are to the satisfaction of our clients. From ensuring a warm meal on arrival to a smooth customs clearance process, we pay attention to the minutiae and accommodate unique requests such as importing game birds from a different country, minors traveling alone, and transporting pets or ailing passengers,” said Shoib Rana, Manager of International Operations at Jet Linx.

In fact, Jet Linx has a special memorandum signed with select U.S. Customs and Border Patrol facilities around the country which allows the deployment of customs resources to locations where customs services may not be available otherwise, providing unimpeded access to some of the most challenging locations to reach.

What Does International Private Jet Travel Look Like?

International private jet travel with Jet Linx is elevated and hassle-free. Once a client chooses a destination (often with inspiration from their online Elevated Lifestyle Trip Planner), their dedicated local Flight Concierge team and the Jet Linx International Operations team orchestrates a flawless experience from quoting until the final destination is reached.

“Your Personal Flight Concierge will remain in constant contact with you throughout trip planning and execution – collecting the required documents and noting all the passenger requirements and preferences to deliver a Five-Star experience. Depending on the destination and the logistical complexities involved, the International Operations team will oversee logistics for the trip from several days to several weeks in advance,” Rana said.

Passengers flying internationally must have a valid passport and visa if required, or a permanent resident card for the country they reside in if they are a foreign national. In addition to those standard documents, some countries may also require the passengers to submit additional forms or questionnaires such as health screenings, duration and purpose of visit, goods declaration forms and more. Jet Linx clients are notified ahead of time for any such requirements, with all communications coming from the client’s local Flight Concierge team for a more personalized approach.

What About Customs and Security?

International private jet travel looks and feels very different from commercial international travel in a few key areas. For one, the experience of going through customs and security does not entail long lines and wait times. In fact, private jet passengers may not even be required to set foot outside their private jet to get through customs and security.

When it comes to departure for an international flight, clients will arrive planeside at their prescheduled departure time and have their travel documents verified. After documents are verified and clearances issued, the client will board their jet. Private flights departing out of the United States or Canada typically don’t involve any physical customs clearance. Upon return to the United States from a foreign country, there is always a physical customs clearance and with Jet Linx, the process is made less cumbersome. At regional airports, the aircraft parks right on the ramp next to the customs office, and a customs officer will review the documents and perform the clearance, which takes just a few minutes to complete – no de-planing required.

Landing at larger international airports may require a client to de-plane with their luggage in order to transfer to a different location on the airfield for clearance. In such circumstances, the Jet Linx International Operations team arranges VIP services when available to escort clients comfortably and expeditiously through the process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming than the process seen in commercial air travel.

Upon arrival into a foreign country, Jet Linx utilizes an extensive network of professional handlers to welcome and assist clients with documentation, security, and customs clearance. These handlers stand by ready to assist with any trip-related issues on the ground. Jet Linx will also coordinate additional services such as ground transportation, accommodations, catering, and any other services requested at the client’s international destination.

Curious about how private jet travel can elevate your next international trip? Contact Jet Linx to learn more about the benefits of their Jet Card Membership.

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