June 16, 2017

Why I Fly – Gary Cottingham, Jet Linx Indianapolis


Team Spotlight


It’s often said, “Ask any pilot how they started flying, and you will hear a love story.” Explore the love of flight with the origin story of Jet Linx Indianapolis Base Chief Pilot Gary Cottingham.

Growing up on a farm west of Lafayette, IN, we would drive to town past the Purdue Airport, often stopping to watch the Lake Central DC-3’s come and go. Those early days peaked my interest in aviation and then in college, friends again whetted my appetite for flying. It was love at first flight. I started taking lessons and worked my way through various licenses and ratings. I was offered an opportunity to instruct and after building my time had an opportunity to start flying full time. Getting paid to do what I loved. As the old line goes…”how are you going to keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree’?”


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