December 10, 2021

Flight Planning Specialist Earns Role as Dispatcher with Lift from Jet Linx

National Operations Center,

Team Spotlight


In October 2020, Brian Walker, Jet Linx Assistant Director of Operations, urged his Flight Coordination team to apply for various Part 121 Dispatch License Scholarships.

Walker has a long track record of coaching and developing his team to enhance their performance and career growth. Rebecca Speer, Jet Linx Flight Planning Specialist, was eventually awarded a scholarship through the Institute of Flight Operations and Dispatch in Irvine, Texas.

Speer recently accepted a role as a Dispatcher for American Airlines. While the Flight Coordination team will lose a valued member in Speer, they’re proud to see a fellow team member excel and move on to bigger roles within the aviation industry. For the Jet Linx team, Speer sets an example for others of what is possible when we seize on the opportunities presented to us.

“Rebecca’s attitude and curiosity enabled her to grow and learn so much on the operations side of the ball. Her asking not only ‘why,’ but ‘how,’ ‘when’ and ‘where’ has given her the tools to make outstanding decisions. As a Flight Planner, you must sometimes make decisions based on less than 100% clarity and Rebecca has displayed a masterful understanding of decision-making within her role. By earning that 121 Dispatch License, she really separated herself from the crowd, and that’s all due to her own attitude and effort,” Walker explained.

Speer has been with Jet Linx for two and a half years, but initially found a passion for aviation in high school that led her to the University of Central Missouri, where she earned an Aviation Safety Degree. After graduating, Speer worked at three airlines over nine years, performing in various positions such as ramp, customer service, emergency response and management.

Rebecca Speer (right) with fellow Jet Linx Flight Planning Specialist Maria Tapia Onofre at the Jet Linx National Operations Center.

“At Jet Linx I work with an amazing team that has pushed me to succeed at every turn. My colleagues not only execute at the highest level – they’re a team that I can depend on for support. This kind of trust allowed me to apply for the dispatcher scholarship and eventually pass at the top of my class. I couldn’t have accomplished that without the constant support of my team, willing me to be the best version of myself every day,” Speer said.

Walker believes that Speer’s performance and her hunger to learn sets a perfect example of what he seeks out of his team. When Walker began in aviation, he was halted from seeral growth opportunities due to their cost, and he doesn’t want these same obstacles to impede the Jet Linx team. With the help of Dee Ruleaux, Director of Recruiting and Industry Partnerships at Jet Linx, Walker is working to secure a grant with the University of Nebraska at Omaha so that his team can earn their 121 Dispatch Licenses free of cost.

“Money should never get in the way of someone’s goals. On our team, we have aspiring pilots, operations professionals, and people from all walks of life with different goals. Here at Jet Linx we want to provide the necessary tools for people to succeed, regardless of where those skills may take them,” Walker said.

When asked what advice she had to share for future Flight Coordination team members, Speer said that no matter what, you have to be the best version of yourself every day, and that your attitude and effort can make or break a client flight experience.

Between now and sometime in the next six months, Speer will be called upon to begin her official training as a Dispatcher for American Airlines. Speer stands as a sterling example of what is possible when Jet Linx team members commit fully to the core values and take advantage of opportunities presented as a part of a growing, thriving team.

Congratulations, Rebecca, and best of luck on your next steps!

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