February 03, 2021

F8 Tributo


Not only does it hearken to earlier models — with an unmistakable resemblance to the 488 GTB and a louvered rear window reminiscent of the F40 — its carbon fiber bodywork also boasts practical aerodynamic benefits to make the most of its powertrain. This model is not just an evocatively-styled work of automotive art, it’s also a genuine powerhouse on the track and a pleasure in the streets. The F8 Tributo also pays homage to the most powerful Ferrari V8 engine ever, matching the engine output
of the 488 Pista while offering 50 horsepower more than the outgoing 488 GTB.

“The F8 offers something to everyone, no matter your comfortability or experience driving Ferrari vehicles. It’s approachable for newcomers and far from sterile for seasoned drivers. That multi-dimensional aspect offers a really broad appeal, aside from the world-class performance offered by all Ferrari vehicles,” said Lisa Leathers, Marketing and Events Manager at Continental AutoSports in Hinsdale, Illinois. Leathers was on hand at Jet Linx Chicago‘s luxury event in late August, where friends and clients had the opportunity to test drive the new Ferrari.

The extremely high performance achieved by the car, thanks to unprecedented maneuverability, has been obtained with the integration of state-of-the-art aerodynamic solutions in the car’s body, derived from competition experience and careful modeling in the Ferrari Style Centre.

With a 3.9L twin-turbocharged V8, ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, 710 horsepower and a top speed of 211 mph, it may seem like a beast to handle, but drives with ease thanks to a dynamic driver assistance system. Aerodynamic improvements go beyond the sculpted bodywork and include front air intakes through LED headlights, an S-Duct on the car’s bonnet to increase downforce and improved side air intakes.

“The F8 Tributo wants to get away from you; it really wants to fly. There’s truly no comparison for this Ferrari, and I’ve driven many competing vehicles in the luxury market,” said Kat Vasylyshyn, Product Specialist at Continental AutoSports in Hinsdale, Illinois. Vasylyshyn was also present at the Jet Linx Chicago event where she assisted clients with the test driving experience.

“Even for attendees that hadn’t driven a Ferrari before, they all found the F8 Tributo very approachable due to its handling and driving control technology. However, even more experienced drivers thoroughly enjoyed the power that the vehicle offers. One thing that everyone had in common – they all smiled ear-to-ear throughout the test drive,” noted Vasylyshyn.

Uniqueness is what runs in the Ferrari breed, and while the power of the F8 Tributo engine is indeed otherworldly, the Ferrari Vehicle Side Slip Control and Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer systems offer incredible ease of driving. The two systems work together to adjust suspension, brakes and power, meaning the car maximizes grip and stability no matter the speed or situation. This delivers a serene experience for less accomplished drivers, while offering a powerful level of fun to seasoned Ferrari aficionados.

The dramatics of the F8 continue beyond the exterior. A completely redesigned cockpit-style interior with a two-seat driver-focused dashboard still features the premium materials that every Prancing Horse deserves. The flat-bottom steering wheel is two inches smaller in diameter than the 488’s, though the F8 Tributo’s paddle shifters will be familiar to those who have driven its predecessor. Every element of the dash, door panels and tunnel has been completely redesigned specifically for the car.

“The interior of the new Tributo is all performance-driven and aims to engage the driver with the car. The cockpit-style interior of the Tributo accomplishes just that. The interior build is composed of premium materials that are fully customizable,” explained Vasylyshyn.

Customization comes standard to owners with the option to upgrade the interior to carbon fiber. Other options for customization are the seat type, revcounter style, interior color, carpet color, and floor mats. The passenger side can also come with a seven-inch touchscreen displaying speed and other driving information. Also, upgrades such as titanium exhaust pipes and exterior carbon-fiber components are offered, and you can choose from brake calipers in a host of different colors.

Keep your eyes open for an opportunity to test drive Ferrari’s hottest cars at a Jet Linx event near you. An opportunity to drive a legendary vehicle is all part of the Elevated Lifestyle that accompanies the Jet Linx member and owner experience.

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