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When Canyon Ranch, a Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle partner, opened its revolutionary wellness resort in 1979, it redefined healthy living by focusing not just on the body, but also on the mind and spirit.

Canyon Ranch in Tucson celebrates 40 years of operation this year, with its newly refreshed Life Enhancement Center turning 30. The flagship resort has seen many amazing transformations in four decades, as visitors have been repaired and refreshed by their experiences.

Coinciding with its 40th anniversary, Canyon Ranch now offers even more specialized programs to help clients continue living better lives. Canyon Ranch offers two flagship programs on a monthly basis: ELEVATE and ACHIEVE. ELEVATE is a retreat focused on turning intentions into actions to stay healthy. This program can help with personal concerns, athletic performance, weight management, and all aspects of healthy living. ACHIEVE is a program centered around converting weight loss knowledge into lasting change. Participants are sent home with individualized plans for maintaining fitness goals even in the face of lifestyle challenges.

Jet Linx sat down with Jim Eastburn, Director of the Life Enhancement Center at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, to learn more about the history of Canyon Ranch. In his time with the property, Eastburn was proud to say that he has seen the Canyon Ranch experience passed down through generations of many families.

“We have had former guests’ children visit us, and at times we even have grandchildren of guests come to visit us,” he remarked. “It really does feel like a big, extended family here.” Learn more from Eastburn and check out the latest programs from Canyon Ranch on the below!

How would you describe Canyon Ranch and the general philosophy behind it?


Canyon Ranch is truly an opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in an experience that helps them to live their healthiest and best lives. It encompasses a wide spectrum of experiences that include spa activities, outdoor sports, and fitness.

However, what really separates us from others is our integrative and holistic approach to health and wellness. Our team of experts include physicians, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, behavioral therapists, spiritual wellness experts, and life coaches. This variety of professionals inspire our guests to make lasting changes and give them the tools they need to continue practicing what they have learned here and take it home with them.

What is the Life Enhancement Center?


The Life Enhancement Center (LEC) is really the ‘heart’ of what we do here. The programs within the LEC have often been referred to as the ultimate expression of Canyon Ranch, allowing our guests to immerse themselves into a deeper understanding of what is possible in their lives. It is a focused and curated week-long program addressing a different facet of wellness each week.

Programs include healthy weight management, mindfulness, spiritual wellness, brain health and cognitive vitality, and women’s and men’s health. In addition to your program, you will receive individual attention from your Program Advisor and life coach. When we combine the integrative team, the personalized touches and the group camaraderie, our guests leave inspired, informed, and prepared to live their best lives.

Many guests have described their time in the Life Enhancement Center as one of their most meaningful life experiences – a joyful, exhilarating, week-long journey to wellness.



The new “focus week” programs each hone in on different aspects of wellness, and will be offered a few times each year.

  • VITALITY: Boost your brain power.
  • PRESENCE: Mindfulness in the modern world.
  • INSPIRE: Embrace spiritual wellness.
  • JOURNEY: A women’s retreat.
  • THRIVE: Keep moving and celebrate aging.
  • INNOVATION: Revealing the future of health & wellness.

We still hold firm to our mission that our founder Mel Zuckerman instilled in us 40 years ago, but we want to provide a more interconnected and curated series of programs that are more than just lectures and workshops. Our intent is to weave together a collaborative flow of information, bringing together all of the disciplines of integrative wellness: medicine, fitness, nutrition, spirituality and behavioral health. Giving it this quality allowed us to provide our guests a more collaborative and cohesive experience with enhanced take home tools.

I hear it every week, ‘I know what I should be doing but I’m just not doing it.’ Addressing your obstacles and how to overcome those distractions is the most common issue for our guests. The most important improvement we have made, in my opinion, is the stronger presence of our behavioral therapists, spiritual wellness providers, and life coaches to address those hurdles we face in our life. We have a host of professionals that are all focused on helping our guests, from doing bloodwork to examining spirituality.

How were the new LEC program offerings chosen?


The new programs offered at the LEC are a combination of feedback we receive from our guests, as well as our own findings on what we believe are solutions to certain issues that arise from our modern experience. We kept themes that our guests responded well to, but we are also trying to respond to what is on the minds of our guests. We’re seeing that mindfulness is important to many of our guests and to people in general, so we are emphasizing that in our new program offerings. We also realize that every guest at Canyon Ranch has a personal itinerary, and we attempted to make more pointed programs to serve the exact needs of visitors.

Could you share a success story with us?


I had a male guest going through the program last year who was a partner of a well-known firm. He was an extremely busy and successful partner. He loves to travel with his wife and spend time with his children. When you are juggling a career, family and friends, taking care of ourselves is often forgotten. It takes a toll on your mind, body, and spirit faster than we realize.

His health got to a point where even his boss and colleagues were concerned about his well-being. With the support of his family and friends he decided to take action and stay two weeks at Canyon Ranch. He participated in our ELEVATE: Live Your Best Life and ACHIEVE: Reach Your Healthy Weight programs. Through his visits at Canyon Ranch and getting an overall assessment of his health, he was able to carve out time to lose 70 pounds and maintain that healthy weight outside of his stay with us. He had to identify who he was and pay attention to his own health above work, family and traveling. He now feels more in control of his life than he ever did before.