Tom James

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When shopping for a luxury item, the private, in-store appointment is most certainly preferred. Individual attention. Full access to all inventory. Assurance you will be served without distraction.

How could you possibly improve on this experience? What if the store came to you? What if you could make decisions in the privacy of your own home – if you could compare the store’s offerings with the ones you currently own? That, in essence, describes the concierge service of the Tom James Company.

Tom James was founded in 1966 as the first tailoring service to offer in-home or in-office consultation. From a single store front in Nashville, TN to now over 100 locations in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, Tom James serves discerning clients who have an eye for quality. Tom James is the world’s largest custom suit and shirt manufacturer. Not only do they offer the finest in service, their product is crafted by their own employees – many of whom are shareholders in the company. They are committed to quality and to the satisfaction of their customers.

Tom James owns and operates 2 woolen mills and 8 tailoring facilities. They offer hundreds of fabric selections assuring a unique and personalized garment, delivered according to your exacting measurements.  From suits and sport coats, to shirts, trousers, casual wear, even tuxedos; Tom James continues to celebrate the value of being well dressed!

No longer is there a need to wrangle for a parking place, or to return to a shop for alterations. Your Tom James clothier will meet with you as needed to assure you are perfectly attired for every occasion.