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The Fuel Stop

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The Fuel Stop


Unlike a typical spa experience, The Fuel Stop offers revolutionary treatments that reset your mind and body within minutes: including the only full-immersion natural air Cryochamber in the U.S., CryoFacial/Localized treatments, proprietary vitamin IV formulations, Ozone/Infrared Detox saunas, and brain-boosting beverages. Duration of the protocol is from a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 30. As the only one of its kind, The Fuel Stop’s urban anti-spa concept is the future of wellness, especially in an increasingly fast-paced environment driven to rejuvenation, age-reversal, and healthy energy production offered in a short window of time.

Ideal for those looking for a quick and effective reboot, clients can “refuel” before or during the workday, before or after a workout, to or from the airport (to alleviate jet lag), before meetings, dinners or social events, or anytime to improve mood, sleep, skin tone, jump-start metabolism, reduce cellulite, and battle allergies.

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