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Eleven James

Eleven James is a luxury brand that’s driving the modern luxury experience paradigm forward, changing how people consume luxury by distilling it from the burdens of commitment and ownership. Our members wear, enjoy, and experience a new luxury timepiece every few months without having to commit to an outright purchase.

By joining our community, you receive the flexibility, freedom, and versatility to embark on an experiential journey in the world of luxury, capable of exploring it in a way that best fulfills you and your desires. During this journey, we act as your expert guides, discerning curators, and trusted advisors.

Whether it is your first time exploring luxury timepieces, or whether you have been enthusiastically navigating the space for years, we provide endless ways of uncovering something new. You want to wear a beautiful watch, that’s it—you become an Eleven James member, and you do.

This is Eleven James. This is permission to play.

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