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Clark International


Security should enhance your life; security programs should be responsive to individual needs, goals, and risks. Because CI is a conglomerate of five separate branches of expertise, they are uniquely positioned to answer this need seamlessly.

CI’s approach to security is preventative; they focus on mitigating threats before they occur. They locate vulnerabilities, create a solution, and execute. But it’s not just their range of services that make Clark International extraordinary – it’s their quality of service. Experience and dedication to client satisfaction drive ClarkInternational’s excellence. MSNBC, CNBC, Business Insider, Forbes, Worth, Maxim Magazine, and HBO Vice have all featured CI as leaders of the security industry. They’ve protected the top executives from around the world, celebrities, foreign dignitaries, former presidents, and many other high-profile individuals.

You are your greatest asset… allow CI to make sure you’re protected. Ensure that you’re both safe in the air and on the ground when you travel; Clark International provides risk analysis, secure driving, and close-protection services. No matter where life may take you, they’ll be there.

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