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Boisset Collection

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Boisset Collection

The Boisset Collection is a diverse collection of unique wineries with deep historical and family roots in many of the world’s most prestigious terroirs. Boisset embraces its Franco-American roots with its vision that a spirit of collaboration and commitment to wine on both continents will transcend any divisions. More than 17 centuries of combined history unite the wineries of Boisset. Cistercian monks planted the vineyards of Le Clos Vougeot in 1110, inspiring Domaine de la Vougeraie to this day. Bouchard Aíne & Fils has built its family reputation in Beaune since 1750. Buena Vista Winery is California’s first premium winery, founded in Sonoma in 1857. These are just a few examples of the remarkable history of the Boisset Collection.
In pursuit always of authentic, lasting-identity, terroir-driven wines that respect the living life of the vineyards, their history and their future, Boisset is a leading proponent and practitioner of organic and Biodynamic® farming at each of its estates. Today, the Boisset Collection unites the old and new world’s of wine with its Franco-American spirit and wineries on two continents. It is one of the world’s leading family-owned luxury fine wine companies.

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