Dynamic Duo

Jun 15, 2016 | Team Spotlight, Tulsa

Russ Newman and Darrah Callen, the leadership team at Jet Linx Tulsa, bring a wealth of experience to a growing private jet Base.

Jet Linx Tulsa has really taken off, in great part due to the experience and industry insight of their Base leadership team. Jet Linx Tulsa offers not only a locally-based, nationally-backed private aviation solution, but also two industry veterans who collectively offer over 40 years of expertise in aviation.

private-jet-tulsa-darrah-russRuss Newman, Base Partner and President, and Darrah Callen, Base General Manager, rely on their wealth of experience to provide the best advice and insight to those seeking a jet card or aircraft management company in the area.

“Having been involved in aircraft charter and management for nearly 30 years, the Jet Linx model stands out in its unwavering focus on the priorities of safety and service,” said Newman. “This is demonstrated by meeting the highest safety ratings, and while having a local team of client service specialists, pilots, maintenance and such, being able to benefit from the enormous resources of the National Operations Center in Omaha.”

Callen echoes his statement, noting that the experience she and Newman share in the industry has helped spur on the growth of the Tulsa location. “Russ and I have extensive relationships in the aviation community. Our Tulsa Base had one aircraft when we came on board, and through the involvement of that ownership group and our longtime history and reputation in the industry, we’ve witnessed tremendous growth, with eight jets now under management locally.”

While they share a great fondness for private aviation now, Callen and Newman came to the industry through quite different paths.
Newman carries with him a long history of flight, and has had his private pilot license since 1978. “I’ve been drawn to aviation ever since I was a little boy, most likely because my father became a pilot when I was four years old.,” he said. Following college, Newman moved back to Tulsa in 1986 and joined a Learjet charter company as marketing manager. “To my delight, I also had the opportunity to fly about 500 hours per year,” he noted. “I started Flight Concepts, my own aircraft charter and management business, in 1990.”

Callen, on the other hand, found aviation 11 years ago through want of a change of pace. “I was a stay at home mom with three kids of my own and watching four others. After four years of this arrangement, I decided I needed to get out of the house and have some adult interaction!” she laughed. “I reached out to a friend to let her know I was looking for a job, and learned that Flight Concepts was looking for someone to answer the phones. So in the beginning, I wasn’t familiar with private aviation at all.”

At Flight Concepts, Callen quickly adapted to the workplace and found herself transitioning from administration to aviation-related duties. “I started out as a receptionist with only a phone on my desk (not even a computer!) that October, and transitioned into charter coordination, pilot scheduling and accounting by December of that year,” she said. Callen credits her time at Flight Concepts with arming her with the professional and personal tools to succeed and grow in her aviation career. “I matured both personally and professionally in my time at Flight Concepts. If it weren’t for Russ having faith in me and believing in me I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Callen and Newman understand the Tulsa market and believe Jet Linx is the best option for those looking to ease the burdens of commercial travel while enjoying the best in service. “I think the largest draw of private aviation is time,” Callen stated. “Those traveling for business purposes need to get the most out of their day, and when utilizing private travel you can leave early in the morning, have a full day at your destination and be home for dinner with your family.”

“There are few other purchases that are as valuable as the ability to maximize time,” Newman said. “Our Tulsa team is committed to providing the highest customer service and developing personal relationships with our clients and owners while providing that time saving solution.

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