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The stunning natural beauty conceals a treacherous and unforgiving landscape, but tourists now enjoy the comforts of helicopters and jets to traverse the state and its remote destinations. Alaska attracts two million visitors from around the world every year, providing a $2.4 billion boost to the state’s economy.

With such an expansive territory offering endless outdoor activities – it can be difficult to settle on just a few. Fishing, cruising, hiking, skiing, hunting, glacier viewing, and wildlife are only a handful of available distractions.

Luckily, our Elevated Lifestyle partners at Huffman Travel are seasoned Alaska-travelers, with curated adventures in remote destinations just waiting for your visit. It is important to plan ahead – Alaska is awash with tourists in the summer (and some experiences are best reserved for fall and winter!). Working with a trusted travel advisor (with guaranteed private jet services from Jet Linx) is critical to planning a memorable Alaskan adventure.



Bears, moose, and other large mammals are seen with ease even in urban areas. If you want a surefire way to experience wildlife, then make a stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) near Seward, Alaska. The AWCC is a sanctuary dedicated to preserving Alaska’s wildlife through conservation, education, research and quality animal care. Most of the animals that have come to the AWCC were orphaned or injured. With consent from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, animals taken in by the AWCC are cared for by animal care staff and given a permanent home.

“We offer extremely intimate, once-in-a-lifetime experiences to our visitors. To go inside an enclosure and feed a 1,600-pound bull elk is something you won’t soon forget,” said Robin Moore, Sales and Marketing Manager at the AWCC. “These animals are treated like family. Our guides know their personalities, so it’s a little different than going to a zoo or just viewing wildlife outside our gates. It’s a really personal experience.”

The Center maintains over 200 acres of spacious habitats for animals to feel at home and display their natural “wild” behavior. Black bears, brown bears, foxes, elk, moose, coyotes, eagles, lynx, owl, porcupines, wolves and bison are a few of the animals that call the AWCC home. Each day, there are opportunities to get up close to the animals at the AWCC. During the Walk on the Wild Side Tour, you might be lucky enough to feed grapes to caribou or offer orange peels to moose. There’s also a famous porcupine on the grounds that’s known to fraternize with guests!

Other popular animal encounters are the Bear Encounter (there is no physical touching of bears) and the Moose Encounter. These opportunities are only offered in summer months and require advance booking, make arrangements ahead of time. However, there are daily free animal programs that offer the chance to see smaller animals such as foxes, porcupines, and wolves. The AWCC is also home to a bison conservation program; since 2003, it has worked to reintroduce native wood bison back into Alaska after a 100-year absence.


wolves on snow in alaska

Those hoping to see wildlife should have no trouble in Alaska.

Stay at the Most Remote Destination Hotel in the World


Garnering praise from architects, engineers, luxury travel experts, and culinary standouts – the remote destination hotel sits in the shadow of Denali’s summit. Those afraid of heights or open spaces should steer clear. At an elevation of 5,755 feet, Sheldon Chalet appears to sit right on the edge of the Earth, and is only accessible by air.

The property is a marvel in numerous ways, but its location within Denali National Park and Preserve is truly unique. The five-acre parcel of land was secured through the Homestead Act by legendary Alaskan bush pilot Don Sheldon. Although Sheldon passed in 1975 before building the hotel, his children took up the cause and built the chalet piece-by-piece, beginning in 2015. Every ounce of wood and steel was flown in, making it a costly and long process. Finally opening in February 2018, the two-story, five bedroom chalet accommodates no more than ten guests at a time. The chalet allows guests to reserve the entire property, or opt for a shared experience with like-minded guests.

In a conversation with Marne Sheldon, daughter in-law to Don, she revealed that while the Sheldon Chalet is remote, it is open year-round. “We have activities for each season, like glacier hiking and crevasse exploration, but many people enjoy something that we call ‘adventuring in place.’ This is a rare destination with such a breathtaking view, many people just sit back, relax, and enjoy the surroundings. A lot of our guests enjoy doing nothing,” she explained. The chalet sits in the Don Sheldon amphitheater, offering a view that is well worth the price tag.

“Something happens when people come up here. Your senses are overwhelmed. There’s no Wifi, and people just succumb to the experience. Looking out, it’s gorgeous – but the land up here is so unforgiving… it’s such an odd juxtaposition,” Sheldon revealed.


Sheldon Chalet. Ruth Glacier and Amphitheater in the Alaska Range. Winter 2017

The Sheldon Chalet is a remarkable property, not only architecturally, but aesthetically and geographically.

Experience the Northern Lights


The lights in Alaska are most visible from September to March every year, but things like cloud cover, pollution, and light pollution can dampen their beauty. There’s no way to control or predict the phenomenon, so even in adverse conditions, the lights can still appear.

The Fairbanks area is a great region to bask in the lights. Travelers that stay a minimum of three nights and are out during the late evening have more than a 90% chance to see the aurora borealis. Even if the aurora doesn’t make an appearance for you, the skies of Alaska are sure to dazzle. The Milky Way is often easy to view on a clear night, and for most people this is an extraordinary sight by itself.


aurora borealis northern lights in alaska

The aurora actually occurs all year long, but the sky needs to be clear and dark to see it.

Fly Like an Eagle at CHILKAT Bald Eagle PRESERVE


Between October and February, more than 3,000 bald eagles congregate to feed on spawning chum salmon in the 48,000-acre preserve. Bare trees around the Chilkat, Klehini, and Tsirku rivers often hold six to eight eagles on a single branch! Early April is also a good time for viewing, as the eagles perform courting rituals that culminate in magnificent aerial displays of diving and talon locking.

Even during the summer, the preserve is one of the best places to see an eagle in Southeast Alaska. The Chilkat Valley is the year-round home for 200 to 400 eagles and more than 80 eagle nests have been observed in the preserve itself. During the second week of November, the town of Haines holds its Alaska Bald Eagle Festival, which is popular for photographers and eagle lovers alike.


Bald Eagles perched on a treee

Thee Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve is known to house the largest concentration of bald eagles in the world.

Heli-Fish at Winterlake Lodge


Within the Wild is a family-owned and operated business with two lodges in south-central Alaska. One, Winterlake Lodge, offers a host of different fishing opportunities. This remote lodge offers luxuries that are well-worth the trek.

Arriving to Winterlake Lodge is an adventure in itself. First, Jet Linx will fly you to Anchorage (PANC), and from there you will be whisked away by a floatplane. Winterlake Lodge is situated at the entrance to the Alaska Range, and the Iditarod Trail runs through the property! Winterlake features a large main lodge and five luxury cabins for guests to rest in, with all activities centered around the main lodge.

For the fisherman, Winterlake Lodge offers freshwater, fly, and spin fishing for salmon, trout, and grayling. Helicopters are used to take anglers to remote lakes and streams that offer some of the best fishing in the entire state. Different packages allow you to try your luck for one day or fish every day of your stay.

While fishing is popular at Winterlake Lodge, other activities such as kayaking, glacier trekking, and sled-dogging adventures are offered. Adventures can be tailored for adrenaline junkies or tuned to more laid-back armchair explorers.


Fishing with red salmon in alaska

With 34,000 miles of coastline, three million lakes, and 12,000 rivers, Alaska is an angler’s paradise.

The Power and Safety of Private Aviation


When traveling to remote destinations like Alaska, traveling with Jet Linx via a private jet ensures a first-class experience, backed by the highest standards of safety. Private jets can reach small, remote airports that commercial airlines cannot. Your local Base team ensures everything for your trip is taken care of and personalized with your preferred stock items.

Early on in the current crisis, Jet Linx took steps to further assure passenger safety. The application of BIOPROTECTUs™ on all private jets and in all Jet Linx private terminals assured safe travel for our clients. The groundbreaking technology destroys viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms at the cellular level.

Contact us today to learn more about our private aviation solutions, and Travel Wisely with Your Personal Jet Company.