February 08, 2021

A Day in the Life of a Trip

Your Five-Star flight experience is the result of the work of dedicated team members across the company, coming together to provide a safe and successful journey.

Let us introduce you to the world of flight operations.




Like the gears of a machine, each department works in sync and in tandem, working behind the scenes across the Flight Concierge, Flight Planning and Crew Coordination departments. These processes take place simultaneously and must flow together harmoniously to make a trip possible.

“Prior to a trip taking place, a Flight Concierge quotes pricing for trips to Jet Card clients,” said Missy Kemp, Director of Five-Star Service. Each trip receives a quote based on a generic aircraft size category: Light Jet, Midsize Jet, Super-Midsize Jet, or Heavy Jet. “Additionally, each department receives aircraft owners’ trip schedules.” When aircraft owner trips are scheduled, other departments begin pre-trip processes, including any needed maintenance events and crew scheduling.

Jet Linx pilots aren’t on a set rotation so their days off each month vary based off the aircraft schedule. “The demands of the schedule are constantly changing, but we do want to get pilots their off days in as much advance notice as practical for the business, so this effort requires a little more planning upfront,” noted Casey Traver, Crew Coordination Manager. For example, for days off in August, crewmembers will request their days between the 15th and 20th of July. Then the Crewing team reviews all requests between the 21 and the 25th and publishes them by end of business on the 25th of July for planning purposes. Aircraft with two and three-person crews have their scheduling parameters and are noted on the schedule.

“For three-person crews, we’ll notate who is on duty each day and highlight any crew swap days,” Traver said. “That’s important because if we have a three-day trip that’s over a crew swap day where one crewmember is going off-duty and the other is coming on, that helps the Fleet Optimization department know what they can schedule that aircraft for. Proper notice helps everyone plan more effectively.”

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