July 19, 2017

Why Customer Service Must Be Local & Personal

Vice President of Jet Card Sales Greg Dyche

Jet Linx is Your Personal Jet Company, and has focused on customer service and safety since the company was founded in 1999. We pride ourselves on the local, personal service we offer our clients – a model of service that stands out in the private aviation industry. Jet Linx Vice President of Jet Card Sales Greg Dyche uses a personal example to show the difference that local customer service can make.

“It’s making a funny noise.” My wife had just picked up the car from the garage, and she complained about a noise. Being a former service garage service adviser, I was quick to tell her it was only the metallic brakes. I explained it’s not safe to use asbestos, so we had to switch to a more noisy brake.

“Doesn’t sound like brakes.” She didn’t agree with my brake theory, and I’ve learned to listen to her over the years, so I thought it could be the new tires. She said it was worse on the highway, so I explained that it could be the new tires need to wear a bit. Sometimes new tires will sing a little at highway speeds.

“It’s getting worse.” A couple of weeks had gone by and she found my tire wearing scenario was wearing thin. While we drove two cars back from visiting a relative, talking by cell phone, she told me the noise was worse, and that now she could feel vibration in the steering wheel.

“It’s better when I hit the brake.” I told her if it’s better when you hit the brake, it’s probably a bad brake roter or something. I’d take it to the garage tomorrow and have them double check.

“I’m parking it.” She decided the noise was too much and didn’t feel safe. She parked the car at a truck stop and rode home with me. She wouldn’t let me drive it at night either.

The next day I drove back up to the truck stop, hopped in the car, and was shocked at how bad the vibration felt. Even I didn’t feel safe driving 100 yards – never mind 20 miles home. I pulled off of the road, with a good idea of what was wrong.

Sure enough, two lug nuts were missing and the other three were very loose.

For now, we will ignore the fact that we had just loaned our car to a visiting brother-in-law, who had his new baby with him. For now, we will forget that my wife was driving at highway speeds with three of our six kids with her.

Let’s not worry about what could have happened. Let’s look at why it went on so long.

I was attempting to help from a distance.

No matter how much I care for a client, I love my wife more. I was trying to be attentive, helpful and considerate. I respect her opinion. At no time did I ignore her or dismiss her concerns… but while she was in the car, I wasn’t. I didn’t drive it myself. I wasn’t local.

Companies that attempt to centralize customer service, standardize customer care, or outsource the helpdesk in order to save money can never get as close to their clients as someone who is right there; however, they still claim to have customer service. Service must be local. You have to walk in your client’s shoes. You have to drive the car.

That kind of customer service – the kind we pride ourselves in at Jet Linx – is impossible to fake.

I’m thankful my family wasn’t harmed by a simple mistake at the garage, and I’m grateful for it giving me such a concrete lesson in the value of LOCAL customer service. I’m proud my company figured this out long before I showed up. They’ve been doing it this way from the beginning. And I know we will never stop.

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