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“Growing up in Florence, Italy, you are inevitably immersed in the importance that food and wine have on our daily lives.”


Chef Gabe Bertaccini has been bringing people together with personalized services for events and parties across the globe since 2008, but his passion for cooking originated as a child. “My passion for cooking and conviviality is deeply rooted in my heritage and culture,” stated Bertaccini, owner of iL TOCCO FOOD and CULINARY MISCHIEF.

Bertaccini enrolled in Bernardo Buontalenti, one of Italy’s most prestigious culinary institutes, at age of 13 where he cultivated and mastered the art of real cooking and dining. “Throughout my younger life, I was lucky enough to work alongside amazing mentors and each of them contributed to different aspects of what iL TOCCO FOOD is today; a philosophy based on pristine ingredients, simple execution and great passion for entertaining and cooking,” he continued, “A philosophy that granted us the reputation we have today as one of the TOP Five Dining Experience Company’s in the country.”

Bertaccini’s CULINARY MISCHIEF was the first underground dining event in Arizona and California. Imagine receiving an invitation to an event that does not state the location, who you’re dining with, or what will be served. This is the philosophy behind CULINARY MISCHIEF – taking the guests out of their comfort zone. “For my team and I it has always been about the inherent pleasure of providing guests and friends a place where everybody is equally involved with the meal no matter whether you consider yourself a ‘foodie’ or not,” Bertaccini continued, “It is about the perfect mix of entertainment and food, attention to details and the overall experience that goes beyond just cooking and feeding our guests. It is a 360-degree dining experience which stimulates all your senses.”

iL TOCCO FOOD is about creating memories and new friendships. Bertaccini explained iL TOCCO FOOD, “It is not about the bread that is on the table, it is about the hands that break it. It is not what’s on the table, it is who is around it.” iL TOCCO FOOD prides themselves on bringing a dining experience that will surpass all expectations. “I love hearing from our clients when they tell us how much it means to them joining these experiences or having us creating them for them all over the world,” he continued, “It is always different, the food changes daily and with them the stories and the purpose of our gatherings. Just like if you were in Italy sitting at a café on the street and chatting with a long-time friend over some amazing salumi e formaggi – the perfect balance between ‘Sapori and Saperi’ – the knowledge of food and its stories.”


Gabe Bertaccini

Chef/Owner, IL TOCCO FOOD & Culinary Mischief

Jet Linx Scottsdale held a personal and relaxed family style event in February, with guests being treated to a five-course dinner, with paired wines. The event took place at Chef Gabriele Bertaccini’s downtown Phoenix loft known as the ‘CHEF’S DEN.’ The dinner allowed the Jet Linx Scottsdale team and clients the chance to meet in a smaller, less formal setting. “We talked about our love for travel and the places we have been,” stated Nora Lindquist, Jet Linx Scottsdale Director of Jet Card Sales. “I wanted it full of laughter and the warm fuzzy feeling of creating and building relationships.”

Chef Gabe’s unique personality adds the extra piece of flare to events. Lindquist explained, “I have worked with Chef Gabe before and you cannot help but to feel special and smile around him,” she continued, “plus he is Italian and the food he creates is magic!”

The events Bertaccini and his team create take time, careful planning and extreme attention to detail. “For me it has never been about quantity and it has never been about volume. It has been about how special and meaningful the events we are asked to do are and the reasons behind it,” Bertaccini stated.

What Bertaccini does is much more than creating dishes – it’s an experience. He believes in making his guests feel special with his inspirations deriving from the location of the event and the season as the food must adapt to its surroundings. “It has always been very interesting to see guests coming in all together and for the first couple courses being always very proper and at times not sure about how to behave around people who they do not know,” he continued, “Then magically after the third course hits you see the energy change, switching. That is where the power of food and wine lies; it creates a common desire to connect, to communicate and create memories.”

Bertaccini tailors all his events around the client’s request with the understanding they must always be special, meaningful and fun. Doug Teitel, Jet Linx Scottsdale Director of Jet Card Sales, thought he was a natural choice for the special event. “It is always a struggle to come up with just the right event for my clients. I thought a lot about what it means to enjoy life and it came down to food, wine and relationships. To create an experience around those three things would ensure an evening not easily forgotten,” he said. “And I am confident it won’t be!”

Teitel concluded, “One of the best facets of Jet Linx is the focus on being local, which allows each Base to get to know their clients personally and have a blast while doing it!”