Leave the large crowds behind this summer and join the highly-accredited guides and staff at the world-famous Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), a Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle partner. With exclusive access to thousands of acres of unspoiled beauty with unrivaled views, CMH Summer Adventures take heli-hiking to incredible heights. CMH operates three luxury lodges for summer adventures – CMH Bobbie Burns, CMH Bugaboos, and, making a return debut in 2018, CMH Cariboos. Guests are ferried by helicopter to their chosen CMH lodge, where the sky is the limit, and each lodge offers guests epic heli-hiking with a wide variety of breathtaking terrain.

In addition to some of the most stunning scenery on earth, amenities offered at the CMH Summer Adventures heli-accessed wilderness lodges combine old-fashioned comfort with a modern ambiance that mimics European alpine tradition. After a full day of exploring Mother Nature’s beautiful landscape, guests will enjoy delicious gourmet dinners, indulge with therapeutic messages or relax in outdoor hot tubs, relishing the days accomplishments. Explore one CMH’s luxury lodges – Cariboos – and find your next adventure!


CMH Cariboos


Making a return to the CMH program in July 2018 sits the most northerly lodge in the CMH Summer Adventures program, CMH Cariboos. At 3,600 feet above sea level, CMH Cariboos is situated in the Canoe Valley with spectacular views of the enormous Canoe Glacier. It’s reopening coincides with the 40th anniversary of the birth of heli-hiking, a moment that aptly originated at the Cariboos location.

Guests at Cariboos will trek alongside glaciers a mere 80 million years in the making, explore expansive ice fields, and experience a private wilderness that only CMH can provide. “The Cariboos is an amazing spot with the most beautiful ridges and broad valleys. It’s the land of the glaciers,” explained John Mellis, CMH Cariboos Area Manager . “The remote location is what makes the Cariboos so spectacular – if it was easy to get to, you’d never get in!”

Dave Cochrane, CMH Bugaboos Area Manager and former CMH Cariboos Area Manager, echoed Mellis’ sentiments, adding, “It’s very remote and difficult to get to by foot. That again is what makes the CMH experience so unique and special. Our helicopters can take you places otherwise largely unreachable.”

“We have no restrictions in the Cariboos and it’s just drop dead beautiful,” Mellis gushed. “We don’t have to fly that far because everything is right in our home valley here. When I look out the front window and see all the glaciers and peaks, I’m struck by just how incredible it is that we can move people around through the most beautiful terrain.”

Guests at Cariboos are surrounded by true ‘off the grid’ wilderness, dominated by the soaring peaks of the Premiere Range, massive glaciers and densely forested valleys featuring stunning lakes and exuberant wetlands. “What’s always made the Cariboos so much fun for me was being able to look out across the valley and see Mount Robson (the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies) in the distance,” Mellis continued. “In our valleys, we could walk for days and not be in the same spot.”

“One thing we always incorporate in our Cariboos trips is a walking trip right at the edge of the North Canoe Glacier,” Cochrane stated. “It’s one of the most dramatic places we go. We call it the ninth hole – a small grassy area right on the edge of the glacier where we land at and it’s just gorgeous. It looks exactly like a hole on a golf course. You’re standing there and looking right over this huge ice fall in the North Canoe Glacier and what you’re looking at is Mount Sir John Thompson, Mount Mackenzie King, Little Matterhorn – it’s a mind-blowing view. I think in all of Western Canada, it’s one of the most exciting places to hang out and enjoy – it’s one those experiences you tell all your friends about.”

“What’s also really cool about the Cariboos is that it’s more traditional mountain walking and just going out and being in the mountains,” Cochrane remarked. “This year, especially, will be a fantastic experience since the Cariboos hasn’t seen hikers in ten years. It’s exciting!”

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