Leave the large crowds behind this summer and join the highly-accredited guides and staff at the world-famous Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), a Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle partner. With exclusive access to thousands of acres of unspoiled beauty with unrivaled views, CMH Summer Adventures take heli-hiking to incredible heights. CMH operates three luxury lodges for summer adventures – CMH Bobbie Burns, CMH Bugaboos, and, making a return debut in 2018, CMH Cariboos. Guests are ferried by helicopter to their chosen CMH lodge, where the sky is the limit, and each lodge offers guests epic heli-hiking with a wide variety of breathtaking terrain.

In addition to some of the most stunning scenery on earth, amenities offered at the CMH Summer Adventures heli-accessed wilderness lodges combine old-fashioned comfort with a modern ambiance that mimics European alpine tradition. After a full day of exploring Mother Nature’s beautiful landscape, guests will enjoy delicious gourmet dinners, indulge with therapeutic messages or relax in outdoor hot tubs, relishing the days accomplishments. Explore one CMH’s luxury lodges – Bobbie Burns – and find your next adventure!


CMH Bobbie Burns


Located at the confluence of the Columbia Mountains and Selkirk mountain range, the CMH Bobbie Burns location is surrounded by mainly slate and looser rock. The location offers dramatic peaks with deep valleys dotted by gorgeous turquoise lakes. “Unlike the Bugaboos, where you can hike back to the lodge – you can’t do that at Bobbie Burns,” says Paul Lazarski, CMH Bugaboos and CHM Bobbie Burns long-term guide. “If you were to land on a ridge, it’s very difficult, and in some cases impossible, to get in the valleys.”

High-flying adrenaline adventures make up the program at CMH Bobbie Burns, from zip lining across raging rivers and balancing cable and suspension bridge crossings, to traversing around the Conrad Glacier and conquering the Mount Nimbus via ferrata (North America’s longest via ferrata), or “iron road.”

The via ferrata is a vertical cabled route consisting of fixed cables with strategically placed steel rungs and ladders designed so even inexperienced hikers and climbers can safely enjoy the exhilaration of mountaineering. Hikers remain harnessed and fixed to the cables at all times for peace of mind and safety. “You’re climbing beside some massive waterfalls and beautiful rock formations in a very safe way using the cable system,” Lazarski detailed. “There is incredible diversity in these routes – it’s quite spectacular!”


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