From Our Clients Carey and DB Wilkins

Jan 9, 2020 | Private Jet Travel

Jet Linx clients Carey and DB Wilkins choose to fly with Your Personal Jet Company because of convenience, customer service, and dedication. Hear how Jet Linx was able to get Carey Wilkins to Game 7 of the World Series to see her favorite team play!

Transcript from Jet Linx clients Carey and DB Wilkins:

We became Jet Linx clients a little over a year ago. We’ve loved the service and the ease of flying with Jet Linx. We don’t have to worry about anything with our travel; they take care of all of our details. They do personal things, that makes it great working with them. I like the variety of aircraft so if it’s me and a friend, and the upgrades are great. We don’t call for a super big plane very often, but when we have had them, it’s been a real treat. We love experiences, we love traveling, going places, seeing things, and the time that we save using Jet Linx – just the ease of using private aviation allows us to do all the things that we want to do. That’s the number one perk for us. For game seven of the World Series this past year, we booked at midnight the day before game seven, and no problem. It was perfect for us, they got us to Cleveland and back with no problem. She’s a planner, so we book out in advance, but it’s nice to know if I need to get somewhere tomorrow, I’m going to be able to do that. I’m never anxious when we come to get on a plane to travel. It’s all taken care of. It’s one of the things that I don’t have to worry about. What makes Jet Linx our company is the people. They are our friends; we enjoy working with them. They make it so easy for us. They are like family; they take care of every aspect.

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