Limited-time 90-Day Jet Card Membership

This summer, Jet Linx is proud to announce a new partnership with Medjet, the world’s most trusted (and recommended) Global Medical Transport and Travel Security Membership program.


Since 1991, Medjet has provided an unparalleled foundation of trust through international expertise and commitment to service. Medjet has been written up as a “must have” Forbes, USA Today, Conde Naste, CBS News, Travel + Leisure, The Huffington Post and more in its nearly three decades of business.

Medjet’s pioneering air-medical transport membership concept is a perfect match for the industry-best safety standards of Jet Linx. Read on to learn more about our new Elevated Lifestyle partner.

Did you know one in 30 trips ends in a medical emergency or other safety concern? From a golf cart accident after a great round or an unfortunate slip on a river cruise, to an unexpected medical issue like a stroke or heart attack, no one believes it will happen to them. Should such an incident arise, especially when far from home, a Medjet membership is a priceless tool.

“Medjet is not insurance, actually it’s a compliment to insurance,” explained Mike Hallman, Medjet President and CEO. “Medjet is the premier global air medical transport, travel security and crisis response membership program for travelers. If a MedjetAssist member is hospitalized 150 miles or more from their home, we arrange medical transport to their home hospital so they can recover in their own network of care.”

There are some important distinctions between travel insurance, high end credit card benefits, and a program like Medjet. Hallman was quick to clear some common misconceptions. “Travel insurance will often cover medical evacuation, only to the ‘nearest acceptable facility’, and it’s the insurance company determining what’s ‘acceptable”. They also determine whether transport back home (medical repatriation) is ‘medically necessary’ for treatment. So if you’re in an ‘acceptable facility’ far fro home, and it’s not ‘medically necessary’ to get you all the way home for specialized treatment, you’ll stay in that hospital until you’re well enough to fly home commercially,” explained Hallman.

“If you’re relying on your credit card travel benefits, read that coverage very, very carefully,” continued Hallman. “Most only cover you while you’re actually on the ‘common carrier’ you purchased the ticket for. The moment you step off that flight, you are no longer covered.”

A medical transport membership like Medjet makes sure you get home for treatment and recovery, not after treatment and recovery. It provides hospital-to-hospital, bedside-to-bedside transport to a hospital of your choice at home, regardless of medical necessity. Their elevated MedjetHorizon membership also adds travel security and crisis response benefits, which means 24/7 access to a network of security specialists if your safety feels threatened. If you ever do need Medjet services, there are no out of pocket expenses so no filing of a claim, and you won’t get any bills post-transport. “Your only cost is the membership,” Hallman added, “ever.”

When asked what sets his company apart, Hallman points to the transparency and simplicity of the Medjet offering. “We see story after story of people stuck in foreign hospitals because of that ‘acceptable facility’ and ‘medical necessity’ small print. That small print should scare anyone. Medjet gives you the power to take your care back into your own hands.”

Medjet has earned the trust of a diverse clientele base. “We protect individuals and families, organizations and corporations, basically anyone who travels and wants a little extra peace of mind,” Hallman explained. “We cover people on domestic and international trips, business and personal trips. We protect a lot of celebrities and Fortune 500 executives; we even protect the NFL when they play their games overseas.”

Those with a penchant for global travel will take comfort in the wide safety net Medjet affords when facing the unexpected, including 24/7 service with access to hundreds of private air ambulances and highly trained medical escorts, as well as more than 50 dispatch locations to ensure help arrives quickly, right when you need it most. Instead of dealing with claim numbers, Medjet deals with people, returning them home to their families and their local care.

Mike Hallman brings 42 years of business and finance experience to Medjet, where he has served as President and CEO since July 2018.


What does Medjet do?

Medjet is the premier global air medical transport, travel security and crisis response membership program.


What is Medjet’s most popular plan?

The MedjetAssist annual plan is our biggest seller. The basic medical transport coverage, for individuals, families and corporations, is what most people consider essential. Our biggest growth product, however, is our MedjetHorizon membership, which includes all the transport benefits of MedjetAssist, plus security and crisis response benefits.


What is important to understand about Medjet services?

That your health/travel insurance, credit card benefits and/or company’s Business Travel Accident (BTA) policy does not necessarily get you all the way home if you are hospitalized while traveling. One of our biggest challenges is this misconception: that the “medical evacuation” or “repatriation” coverage of those policies is enough. But those typically only get you to the “nearest acceptable facility,” and if you really read the small print, it’s the insurance provider who decides whether the facility you’re stuck in is “acceptable” or not, and whether your medical transport home is “medically necessary” or not. Our members want that control back.


When traveling abroad, what do you consider the bare minimum travel-assistance plan someone should have?

Trip interruption and cancellation coverage for sure, and medical coverage of at least $50,000 ($100,000, if it’s a safari) to cover local hospital and treatment costs. And Medjet — when $99 can potentially save you between $30,000 and $180,000 (the cost of a single medical transport), or when $578 keeps an entire family safe for an entire year (both transport and security wise, traveling together or separately), I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.