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moet & chandon mciii champagne in a glass boxMCIII is the only champagne in the world composed of vintage wines matured in stainless steel tanks, in oak casks and in glass bottles, which gives it a unique complexity that combines fruitiness and maturity.

Before even tasting the champagne, one is struck by a sense of importance. From the carefully crafted bottle and stately silver top, the bottle commands attention. A small date on the bottle also carries special significance – ‘001’ references the first cuvée, and “.14” references the disgorgement date. The wine is the fruit of 10 years of assemblage and cellar aging.

The House’s ultra-premium cuvée is grounded in Moët & Chandon’s hallmark bright fruitiness, enticing palate and elegant maturity. Yet MCIII elevates these qualities to exquisite new heights for a champagne of compelling fruitiness, palate and maturity – a wine of ultimate complexity and harmony.

MCIII is a based on a pioneering three-tier assemblage where each tier complements and enhances the others for an expertly integrated whole. Each tier contributes its individual, unique strengths without dominating the others. The wine is first aged in steel tanks, then moved at maturity to oak casts and finally matured on lees in a bottle.

“MCIII is a Prestige Cuvée, a Collector’s gem, making the perfect gift to any connoisseur,” noted Kenny Moore, Brand Director for Moët & Chandon. “MCIII is the creation of our Chef de Cave, Benoit Gouez, and the product took 15 years from conception to release.”

grand vintage



moet & chandon grand vintage 2009 champagne The legendary Moët & Chandon is celebrating over 270 years as the world’s most loved champagne, sharing success and glamour with the world since 1743.

Every Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage is unique and original, reflecting the Cellar Master’s free, personal interpretation in service of revealing the exceptional personality of singular vintage years. The 2009 Grand Vintage Brut (GVB) is no exception, boasting a pale yet bright yellow glow with green reflections and the pure spirit of the Grand Vintage tradition.

“Grand Vintage 2009 is a fulfilled and enveloping extra brut champagne with a distinctive Pinot Noir influence,” noted Kenny Brown, Brand Director for Moët & Chandon. “Following several vintages in which Chardonnay was dominant, Pinot Noir took the spotlight in 2009.” Despite a very cold winter and a particularly rainy spring, the year’s hot and sunny summer yielded a generous harvest and allowed the Pinot Noir grapes – riper and healthier than usual – to achieve a perfect balance. “The proportion of Pinot Noir has not been this high in a Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage since 1996,” Moore said.

The Cellar Master offered a second take on the Grand Vintage in 2009 – the Grand Vintage Rosé. (GVR). Like its Brut counterpart, the Rose offers a joyous and delectable champagne with an airy elegance driven by its Pinot Noir heart. “Its warm and exuberant palate calls to minds a carnivals with its twirling rides, displays of cotton candy and caramel apples,” Moore stated.

Both Grand Vintage selections pair well with delicate but firm meats and fishes, crayfish, lobster, scallops, and ripe, juicy fruits.

grand cuvée



krug grand cuvee champagne on gold panelFor over 170 years, Krug Champagne is the only House to create prestige champagnes every year, regardless of circumstance.

Krug Grande Cuvée remains at the center of the Krug House – the fullest expression of Champagne recreated every year from a blend of over 120 different wines from more than 10 different years. Once bottled, Krug Grande Cuvée stays for at least an additional seven years in the cellars, which means over 20 years are needed to craft each bottle.

“Grand Cuvée remains the first prestige Champagne recreated each year and one that is appropriate for any occasion,” noted the House. Krug’s philosophy remains that champagne is about pleasure and sharing.

Today, the number of each edition is displayed on the bottle’s front label, bringing to light the rarity, uniqueness, and collectability of Krug Grande Cuvée. This number can unlock secrets to the world of Krug and your personal piece of the puzzle. “Every bottle of Krug has a unique ID, which can be entered on the Krug ID app, on, or you can tweet #KrugID followed by the number and the story of the bottle will be revealed,” continued the House. As a House with a contemporary spirit and a history of pioneering, Krug embraces new digital technology and its potential to disrupt, delight, and strengthen its connection with Krug Lovers.

Just this year, Grande Cuvée was awarded the title of “Most Popular Sparking Wine in U.S. Restaurants” by Wine & Spirits. The honor stems from Krug’s leading role within the Champagne industry.

veuve clicquot


veuve clicquot yellow label champagne on trayVeuve Clicquot Yellow Label is truly the heart of the brand as it is the epitome of Veuve Clicquot style – a champagne with a  Pinot Noir signature.

The dominance of pinot noir grapes in the Veuve Clicquot assemblage gives strength, complexity, and elegance to their wines. Yellow Label has an intense, pleasant fragrance, with notes of white fruits, vanilla and brioche. A blend of 50 Crus, Yellow Label is a perfect example of harmony between delicacy and power.

Veuve Clicquot Chef de Caves Dominique Demarville stated, “Yellow Label is the first blend I work on year in year out. As the flagship of Veuve Clicquot, my team and I precisely selected the wines for the blend to achieve its style and its quality. The Yellow Label style is a perfect balance between power, intensity, freshness and silky texture. My goal is to keep the consistency of this champagne to make sure our clients will find the taste of Yellow Label at any time of their life and anywhere they are in the world.”

While many people recognize Veuve Clicquot, not all know the history of the woman who built the brand into what it is today. Widowed in 1805 at the young age of 27, Barbe-Nicole Clicquot took over her late husband’s champagne business in a time when women were still considered to be minors under the responsibility of the men in their life. Madame Clicquot took over the reins of the business, despite her father-in-law’s wishes to sell the company, and drove Veuve Clicquot (a name which translates to “Widow Clicquot”) to international success. She became known as “La Grande Dame de la Champagne,” and is credited with transforming Veuve Clicquot into one of the greatest champagne houses in the world.



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