November 03, 2022

Celebrate the Season with Timeless Luxury

Explore the most sought-after trends and timeless classics in luxury gift-giving for the holiday season with Jet Linx and Elevated Lifestyle partner Borsheims.

As one of the nation’s largest independent jewelry stores and with a history that spans more than 150 years, Borsheims knows luxury. Their sprawling 20,000-square-foot showroom houses some of the rarest and most beautiful jewelry in the world, and the expansive watch department boasts watches from dozens of prominent Swiss brands. This emphasis on exceptional quality and remarkable selection is underscored by Borsheims’ unwavering commitment to helping customers celebrate all of life’s special moments. Whether you’re shopping for something special for yourself or someone else, your dedicated personal shopper will help you select a gift to last a lifetime, and you’ll get it at the renowned Borsheims Price.

In preparation for the holidays, we invited Borsheims to The weekend’s festivities include private parties and shopping share some of the magnificent gifts they are most excited experiences at Borsheims, about this season, and boy did they deliver! These hand-picked deluxe accessories are the epitome of lasting luxury, from dazzling diamonds and vibrant gemstones to striking timepieces.

Classics That Transcend Trends

The jewelry industry is ever-changing, with new trends appearing almost overnight. Borsheims prides themselves on their ability to stay on top of today’s trends while maintaining an emphasis on the timeless classics that are always in style. After all, trends come and go, but style is forever—which seems especially true for Borsheims’ customers. “In our experience, the classics are our best-sellers, with timeless pieces like diamond stud earrings, tennis bracelets and gemstone rings consistently rising to the top,” said Karen Goracke, Borsheims President and CEO.

Interestingly, some of the biggest trends in recent years have centered around these timeless classics. For example, tennis bracelets have been fashionable for decades, but their popularity has skyrocketed in the last year. And this seems to be the case for several fine jewelry staples. The reason? While the styles of these classic pieces have remained unchanged, the way people wear them is different. Diamonds and gemstones aren’t reserved for only formal occasions anymore – individuals of all ages are wearing them every day, elevating otherwise ordinary attire with little pieces of luxury. Borsheims sees these timeless selections doing especially well going into the holiday season. “Timeless jewelry and watches tend to make wonderful gifts because they are so well–received. After all, who doesn’t appreciate diamonds?” Goracke said with a smile.

Dazzling Diamonds

Whether they are center stage or playing a supporting role, diamonds have a way of taking any piece of jewelry to the next level. You can expect a superior cut, color, clarity and carat from these elegant diamond pieces at Borsheims. Items not shown actual size, may be enlarged to show detail.

Radiant Colors

While color has been a recurring trend this year, classic gemstones keep it timeless. Rich jewel tones are perfect for any time of year, but they lend themselves exceptionally well to the fall and winter seasons. Items not shown actual size, may be enlarged to show detail.

Refined Timepieces

Borsheims’ curated inventory of luxury watches for men and women, along with their full range of watch services, makes them second to none when it comes to selection and customer service.  

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