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Bespoke Baja

Jan 20, 2021 | SOAR Magazine, Elevated Lifestyle

For the most discerning vacationers, Jet Linx welcomes you to Elevated Lifestyle partner Elegant Mexico, a collection of exquisite villas along a private peninsula facing the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur, Mexico.


Elegant Mexico’s 31 rarefied villas complement your private aviation experience with the right combination of services and settings for today’s time-sensitive traveler. All needs are managed before arrival or on the spot, ensuring time is spent relaxing, not chasing or searching.

As guests move from private jet to private vehicle and are whisked the short distance from the airport to their luxurious villa, the iconic desert landscapes and stark ocean panoramas take over. Los Cabos is a comfortable two to three hours away from a number of U.S. destinations by air, but an eon away in time and trouble. Adding to that peace? The ease of pulling into an exquisitely-designed resort and being disturbed by no one – save the butler offering afternoon cocktails and appetizers on the terrace.

Elegant Mexico’s collection in Los Cabos can be found within the exclusive gated community of Del Mar, Palmilla, with lavish villas that offer the best ocean views along the sequestered peninsula. Each villa comes with a private chef, butler and on-site VIP Guest Services. Guests have access to Club 96 Beach Club and the 10,000-square-foot Club Espiritu Fitness Center, as well as restaurants, bars, spa and golf course at the neighboring One&Only Palmilla Resort.

“The blending of these services makes sense more than ever these days when travelers have so much to be concerned about. What used to be simple now has many points of consideration, whether those are safety concerns, concerns for cleanliness, social exposure, political and border closings, and then there is just the hassle factor that travel brings,” says Sean Emmerton, CEO of Elegant Mexico. “Eliminating all those concerns is what we do. It doesn’t get any better than that.”



Emmerton brings 30 years of experience in the luxury hotel sector, previously the head of sales and marketing at Rosewood Hotels and Resorts and the founder of the Los Cabos Tourism Board in 1998. After opening Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, Emmerton was instrumental in transforming Cabo into the high-end destination that it is today. Elegant Mexico began as a luxury portfolio of five properties, but with the emphasis on privacy, full access, and round-the-clock service, the collection has bloomed to include more than 30.

Emmerton remains proud of the services and amenities available for guests. Committed to providing outstanding accommodations paired with exceptional service, Guest Services Hosts create personalized, luxury vacation experiences with unparalleled amenities and unexpected extras at every turn. Extensive pre-arrival coordination ensures that every stay is tailored to the needs of each guest. From an exquisite three-bedroom villa to a nine-bedroom estate, guests enjoy absolute anonymity and luxury. This explains why Elegant Mexico welcomes international royalty, Fortune 500 CEOs, and celebrities in search of a personalized, private escape.

One Paradise, Two Towns


The sweet retreat of Los Cabos lies perched at the bottom of the Baja Peninsula, tucked privately into the gated community of Villa del Mar. Encompassing the delightfully quaint towns of San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos is one of the top vacation spots in Mexico, and it’s not hard to see why.

Offering a unique blend of desert terrain, 350 days of sunshine, and some of the best surfing in North America, Los Cabos remains the go-to for private luxury vacations.

In some ways these two Baja towns could not be more diverse, but they are held together by a steady stream of visitor traffic flowing from a 20-mile corridor of hotels and resorts fondly dubbed Millionaire’s Row. Charming San José del Cabo acts as the perfect foil to the more lively Cabos San Lucas.



Head to San José del Cabo to find artistic inspiration and a tranquil taste of local culture. The Mission San José del Cabo was founded in 1730 and it was a notable supply stop for galleons traveling to and from the Philippines. Today, the expansive town square is the site of festivals and art walks framed by colorful colonial shops and steads now serving as art galleries and fascinating notion shops.

Cabo San Lucas is the place to be if you want to indulge in luxury shopping, gourmet restaurants, and cocktail bars. This once quiet fishing village has transformed into the playground of the elite travelers who want to soak up the sun on white stretches of beach during the day, and discover a vibrant nightlife when the sun goes down.

All outings can be easily arranged with Elegant Mexico’s 24/7 Guest Services Team. However, there’s no need to step foot outside of Villa del Mar. Guests at Elegant Mexico receive VIP access to Club 96 Beach Club, Club Espiritu Fitness Center, as well the neighboring One&Only Palmilla Resort with restaurants, bars, and a Jack Nicklaus golf course.

Local, Fresh Cuisine


Guests of Elegant Mexico’s Del Mar villas enjoy the luxury of having a private chef, capable of preparing fresh meals at a moment’s notice. Locally-grown, fresh organic produce and fresh seafood options such as comber fish, crab, manta ray, marlin, shrimp, lobster, and abalone line the menu. Chefs cater to many different palettes, but seasonal, farm-to-table options come standard. Guests do not need to travel outside of their villas for a memorable meal.

For those who do want to wander, Los Cabos offers a wealth of options for adventurous appetites. Cafes around the Cabos San Lucas marina provide fine fare for crowds seeking the usual staples on a vacation in Mexico: tacos, tortillas, grilled meats, great guacamole, ceviche, and inventive forms of nopal (cactus leaf).



However, surprises await those who want to stray even further. Within the cobbled streets of “Old Town” San José del Cabo sits Don Sanchez Restaurant. Half fine wine-and-dine hideaway, half gourmet cantina, the signature among the 15 mojito options on the menu is the watermelon and basil mojito. Chef Todd Chapman puts Iron Chef creativity into his entrees with such choices as cumin-seared yellowtail with strawberry, tomatillo, habanero and cilantro. His Quinoa Crab Duo uses special local seasonings with the hearty Peruvian grain and soft-shelled crab. His favorite local fruit is the pitaya, with which he makes some flavorful desserts and gelatos.

A must for unusual food experience seekers in Los Cabos is a trip to Flora Farm. It’s a hilly 25-acre spread on an elevation not far from the north end of The Corridor and a favorite with foodies seeking to sample organic and creative dishes in a memorable setting.

Flora Farm is a holistic concept in living and not just a great place to eat fabulous handmade food. The ample gardens are tended by those who live there and for visitors there are park-like grounds, a farm-themed restaurant with picnic tables and a bar that serves cocktails in mason jars. Meals are served family-style in dishes with and without meat. Expect a long wait even with reservations. The one must-have if you are enjoying the wait or just stopping by: the Farmtini, a wild hibiscus-infused cocktail. Non-drinkers: make it a fresh basil and mint lemonade.

More Than Just Beaches


For those who need to heed the call of the links, a round or two at the One&Only Palmilla Course by Jack Nicklaus brings a high bar with bragging rights. It has been named “one of North America’s finest golf properties” by Golf Digest, presenting a course that Nicklaus described as “mountains by the sea.” Courses bump over steep mountain terrain with elevation fluctuations of more than 600 feet along grand ocean backdrops. Find sand on all nines, amid sprawling bunkers and scrubby arroyos with tropical flowers that spread over the landscape.

A return back to the comforting casita after a day chasing waves, swimming with whale sharks or seeking the soul of the Baja in its art and culture, means an evening of gazing at the stars, listening to the pounding breakers, and perhaps an aromatic bath followed by a movie – all within a design-intensive space with needed quiet and privacy. Elegant Mexico is your world away and worlds away, in just a couple of hours.