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The Many Benefits of Private Jet Travel for Businesses

Cost savings, client retention, improved productivity, and valuable time saved for top level executives—these are among the biggest benefits of private jet travel. For businesses of all sizes, private jet travel can provide unique advantages that help further your business objectives.

Save Valuable Time & Money

When business executives and their teams fly private, the biggest benefit is the time they save – for both their employees and any third-parties involved.

For high-level executives, reducing downtime is invaluable. Traveling becomes a quick, seamless process with the introduction of private aviation. Instead of arriving to the airport hours early to deal with checking in and long security lines, executives and their team can arrive immediately before takeoff.

Similarly, instead of waiting to get on a commercial plane and waiting at baggage claims, business jets allow you to land and get going. This reduces the time executives have to commit to traveling, allowing them a greater window of productivity before and after travel.

In a scenario where your executive team needs to visit multiple cities in different areas of the country for meetings, private travel can provide incredible cost-saving advantages. Rather than flying commercial and taking multiple days to travel back and forth, private travel can reduce this trip to a single day. Instead of paying for multiple nights at hotels and multiple meals for the entire team, all meetings can
happen in one day.

That is powerful.

The Value of Supplemental Lift for Businesses That Own a Corporate Jet

Already own a business jet? You know the incredible advantages private travel delivers for your business. But have you considered the benefits of using a jet card program for supplemental lift? We explore the benefits below:

// The Right Aircraft for the Mission

Your corporate jet will likely be able to handle 80% of your missions effectively. With your jet being too small or too large for the other 20%, having a national fleet at your disposal with guaranteed aircraft availability for jets of all sizes, you can effectively handle any mission.

// Expand Your Fleet for Unique Occasions

At times, businesses that own a jet won’t be able to accommodate a company travel need for one reason or another. Whether the aircraft will already be in use or there’s downtime due to maintenance, having Jet Linx as a partner ensures that you have access to a jet when you need it.

Top Ways Flying Private Saves Time:

  • Arrive to the terminal and take off within minutes
  • Land at your destination and get on the road immediately
  • Travel to multiple locations and return home in one day
  • Land closer to your destination with 10x the airports commercial travel offers

Productivity While Flying

Simply put, being productive on a commercial flight is next to impossible. With the distractions around you and absolutely no privacy, working or discussing sensitive information just isn’t
part of flying commercial.

Private travel is the exact opposite. With quiet and privacy, your team has the ability to go over important details for an upcoming meeting, discuss company strategy, and do meaningful work while in the air. The value of this can’t be stressed enough.

“If you value the time of your team, that is the benchmark and the thing that drove us to say we needed to find a partner, and Jet Linx was clearly that partner for us. When you break the cost down to the people that you’re moving across the country, the efficiency that you have doing that all together, the work that is done on the plane that everyone can do together, the cost is a moot point.”

Bill Gerber

Former CFO, TD Ameritrade

Using the Jet Linx Private Jet Card for Business

Our Jet Card program provides businesses with the guaranteed jet availability they need, flexibility to fly as much or as little as necessary, and a premium experience personalized to your business needs. See what makes our Jet Card the perfect business solution.