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Through the Elevated Lifestyle (EL) program, KEY Concierge provides door-to-door VIP services to bring magical moments to Jet Linx clients – like a one-of-a-kind Disney sendoff for a family birthday celebration.

Just like Jet Linx, KEY offers local teams with extensive networks of hospitality experts, bringing memorable experiences and world class service to guests in their 17 markets and nationwide.

Jason Carter, Director of Guest Experience at KEY, said, “We provide true concierge services. From vacation rentals to private chefs, to grocery delivery, special dinners,  sleigh riding experiences, beach bonfires, and more. It all depends on the preferences of the guest.”

After a brief consultation, one of three dedicated KEY Concierge team members (with nearly 40 years combined concierge expertise) creates a custom itinerary for an experience that matches your interests. “Every person is different, and every trip is unique. We have very open communication with our guests. We seek to understand our guests and we custom curate experiences for their needs,” Carter continued.

Their team knows that every trip is as unique as their clientele, and they take the time to get to know personal preferences. From your favorite song to your dietary restrictions, from your preferred thread count to any medical needs – KEY has a knack for finding what you love and letting you have it, while paying careful attention to the details. “Living in the concierge world, we provide whatever, whenever. We remember little pieces that even our guests forget about,” Carter continued. “We love to surprise our guests with things they love but didn’t think about themselves.”

Recently, KEY helped to create a magical Disney send-off party for a joyful group of Jet Linx clients in Tulsa. Before departing for a Disney cruise, the clients wanted KEY to surprise their grandchildren with a spectacular Disney themed party. The only problem was that they only had two weeks to plan the event.

KEY is focused on making memories, not plans.

When asked about how KEY helped overcome the time constraint, the client said, “with only two weeks to pull this off, they were my heroes.” KEY supplied an unforgettable experience, complete with Disney balloon sculptures, Mouseketeer hats, custom pillows, custom shirts, and an appearance from Mickey Mouse himself. On board the plane awaited gift baskets full of nostalgic treats. Even the Jet Linx pilots and flight attendants got in on the magical day, with a pilot donning a Captain Hook outfit, and the flight attendant outfitted in Tinkerbell finery – both fully invested in building upon the experience that KEY provided. “KEY was great at taking my ideas and building onto them,” our client continued. “Our concierge had the idea for the balloon sculpture and to actually have Mickey Mouse on site, which our young ones in the family really loved.”

The seamless coordination between the Tulsa Jet Linx team and the KEY concierge squad added to the magic of the send-off. “I was also impressed at the coordination with Jet Linx and KEY. I know there was a lot of communication in the background that I wasn’t part of, but  I appreciate them letting us use the Tulsa base for a party,” the client continued. “They worked so well together for us.”


Carter offered another example of the great lengths that KEY will go to accommodate their clients. “Recently, we had a KEY team member fly out to Denver to get a rental car for a client from D.C. that was landing in Steamboat Springs, but couldn’t get a rental car there. So, we flew someone out to Denver, secured a rental car, drove it 3.5 hours up to Steamboat, and met the guests on the tarmac when they landed. That’s just the kind of experience we want to provide to all Jet Linx clients that use KEY.”

The experts at KEY can support your travel anywhere nationwide, and have the imagination to help you make magic, from Mickey Mouse on the tarmac to a bespoke getaway in the tropics. Through Elevated Lifestyle, Jet Linx clients enjoy quarterly offers, including free KEY services or access to additional perks when using KEY. “We’ve seen time and time again the ways in which the KEY service model matches our own,” noted Missy Kemp, Jet Linx Director of Client Services. “The personal attention we pride ourselves on at Jet Linx is reflected in the efforts of the team at KEY, and adds great value to the EL Program.”

Unlock New Memories

Tap into Elevated Lifestyle with KEY this season and unlock curated experiences.


There is no destination hotter or more trendy than The Hamptons. Take the summer vacation of your dreams at a hand-picked estate with all the food, fun and games you need to keep your days filled.


Small in size but not personality, this bustling summertime destination will give the entire family an amazing experience. Explore the Tetons on horseback during the day and cozy up around the fire pit of your log cabin at night. Let KEY make your dreams a reality.


Imagine a seven day sojourn around the dazzling blue waters of the Caribbean – just you, your family, and the ocean. KEY can connect you to the perfect yacht and captain.

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