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Jan 27, 2021 | SOAR Magazine, Elevated Lifestyle

In October 2020, Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle partner Medjet – the industry-leading air medical transport and security response membership program for travelers – announced members who fall ill from COVID-19 and become hospitalized while traveling in the contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, may now be transported to a home hospital of their choice.

The new benefit was made available to current and new MedjetAssist and MedjetHorizon members as of October 19, 2020. Broader international transport for COVID-19 is not yet available, but all other hospitalization events for which Medjet transports remain covered.

Medjet had previously excluded active COVID-19 infections from transport and is the first program of its kind to include it. At any given time, Medjet has access to hundreds of air ambulances, commercial medical escorts, and highly-trained security and crisis response personnel, ready to launch from both domestic and international locations.

“We know that COVID-19 has become our members’ number one concern, and we wanted to address that,” said Mike Hallman, CEO of Medjet. “We always try to evolve our services based on member needs. We have been able to source more aircraft with isolation pods, and crews with proper training.”

“We have worked through operational issues, clearances and ongoing restrictions relative to the 48 contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands,” Hallman explained. “Medjet can now provide members with the same hospital-to-hospital medical transport benefits that have always been offered, at the same level of service that members have come to expect, but for COVID-19 related matters.”

When a Medjet member is hospitalized for suspected COVID-19 within any of the covered locations, Medjet will monitor the case and begin the process of transport as soon as the member is deemed clear. Although Medjet cannot transport actively infected members, it’s important to remember the long hospital stays required for full recovery from COVID-19 hospitalizations. Medjet transport benefits can offer important protection to members in these cases.

There are a few restrictions related to the Medjet program update to keep in mind.

  • Members otherwise eligible for transfer for COVID-19 must not exceed the maximum allowable height, weight and girth requirements set forth by the manufacturers of COVID-19 transport pods utilized in the safe transfer of COVID-19 positive patients.
  • No traveling companions or family members will be allowed to accompany patients transported for COVID-19.
  • If a Medjet member is under quarantine by a hospital, government, or other regulatory entity, Medjet may only transfer that member with permission. Likewise, a receiving hospital selected by the member must also agree to accept the patient, otherwise a transfer is not possible.
  • Medjet cannot break or override a government-ordered quarantine or border closure in the U.S. or in a host country.

This new addition to the Medjet program offers Jet Linx travelers an added level of safety and security. In March, Jet Linx became the world’s first aviation company to apply the BIOPROTECTUs™ System to its aircraft and private terminals for protection against harmful microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold. The antimicrobial formulation used was proven by two Centers of Excellence of the Global Virus Network (GVN) to kill and provide residual surface protection against SARS-CoV-2 (the unique coronavirus that causes COVID-19) for more than six weeks.

Jet Linx members and owners now have the option to travel in an even safer and more secure manner with the update from Medjet. With 50 dispatch locations, 250 air ambulances, and staff ready to assist 365 days a year, 24 hours per day – Medjet offers a strong safety net for their members no matter where they are. Combined with industry-leading private jet safety standards, Jet Linx clients can continue to Travel Wisely.


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