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ARGUS Platinum Renewal | Jet Linx Ensures Private Jet Safety

May 7, 2020 | Private Jet Travel, News/Events

The highest safety ratings place Jet Linx in an elite class for private jet safety.


In January of 2020, Jet Linx earned re-certification as an ARGUS Platinum-rated operator for the eighth consecutive review cycle. The ARGUS Platinum rating reflects a deeply rooted commitment to passenger, crew and private jet safety. In the entire United States, there are only 70 Platinum-rated operators, making it a rare and difficult certification to attain. Jet Linx first earned the rating in 2007 and has upheld the Platinum rating ever since.


argus platinum rated seal for jet linx over clouds

The ARGUS Platinum rating reflects Jet Linx’s commitment to passenger, crew and private jet safety.

Unwavering Commitment to Private Jet Safety


With this designation, Jet Linx demonstrates a serious commitment to customer safety and ongoing quality improvement in all areas. The ARGUS Platinum honor goes to experienced operators with a well-developed Safety Management System (SMS). The award also recognized workable Emergency Response Plans, effective policies and procedures, and documented records for all aspects of operations and maintenance.

“Safety informs every decision we make at Jet Linx,” said Jamie Walker, Jet Linx President and CEO. “It is the underlying principle that forms the basis of our five core values. Our industry-leading private aviation services and promise to ‘Supply the High Five’ depend on this bedrock commitment to client and team member safety. With this foundational mindset, Jet Linx maintains some of the most elite safety credentials in the industry.”

The ARGUS standard involves continual monitoring. As noted on the as noted on the ARGUS.aero website, “ARGUS Rated Operators are continually monitored for private jet safety and training to ensure our operators are known as the best in the aviation industry.”

Among continually-monitored items for ARGUS-rated operators include:

  •  Commercial certificate holder
  •  Key management personnel
  • Insurance coverage
  • Pilot flight experience
  • Flight training hours

In addition to ARGUS Platinum, Jet Linx maintains the Wyvern Wingman Standard and IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) Stage 3 ratings. Jet Linx is one of only 12 air carriers in the U.S. with the highest rating from each of these programs.

“None of these certifications are required by the FAA. These safety audits are time-intensive and require diligent management,” said Mike Kopp, Jet Linx Director of Operations. “We want to stand out as safety leaders in this industry, so we see these audits as investments in our company. We equate private jet safety with quality, so safety management goes hand-in-hand with day-to-day improvement of operations.”



For the last four years, Jet Linx has reinforced its unwavering pledge to safety by voluntarily grounding its fleet for an all-team Safety Summit. At the Safety Summit, keynote addresses are delivered by industry experts from the NTSB, the FAA and safety companies. At the end of the Summit, every employee actively signs the company safety policy reflecting their responsibilities and commitment to our safety standards.

Following the success of the Safety Summit, Jet Linx hosted a Safety Symposium with industry partners, vendors and others. This industry-wide event occurred in October 2019, and the focus group discussed ways in which to improve safety standards across private aviation. The goal was to create a forum for meaningful conversation to further develop safety practices. During the event, industry experts explained the philosophy behind SMS, and how managing change effectively ensure highest safety standards for employees, clients and assets.



Jet Linx has achieved continued expansion in recent years, opening Bases in Austin, Boston, Chicago, and New York. While rapid growth might hinder safety efforts for some companies, the SMS at Jet Linx is flexible and scalable. Each time a new Base opens, the local and NOC teams hit the ground running to provide the safest experience to Jet Linx clients.

“The renewal of our ARGUS Platinum rating demonstrates our ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of our clients, pilots and team,” said Walker. “Even during continued growth, we remain dedicated to advancing private jet safety efforts and operations across the private aviation industry. Our organization’s future is tied to our commitment to safety.”

“The beauty of our SMS is that it’s structured to be scalable as Jet Linx grows,” Kopp pointed out. “It can work for ten pilots, but it can also work for 1,000 pilots. Safety reporting, private jet safety promotion and maintaining standards can and will continue with a larger team.”

The Jet Linx experience exists because of a foundational promise of safety. The core values that Jet Linx team members practice, which translate to our Five-Star service, all stem from a company-wide commitment to safety. With an SMS that can scale a proactive approach to private jet safety, Jet Linx clients can always expect the best experience.

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