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Acquisitions & Sales

Helping You Purchase the Right Private Jet


Buying a private jet is a complex process that requires attention to detail, a firm understanding of how the jet will be used, and the ability to find private jets for sale that meet all of the purchaser’s criteria. This is why prospective aircraft owners turn to Jet Linx.

When making such a significant investment, you need experts with your best interest in mind at your side. We guide you through the entire process and leverage our network to help you buy a private jet that satisfies your specific travel demands while ensuring a seamless private jet acquisition process.

Why Purchase a Private Jet?


If you currently fly more than 300 to 400 hours per year, you may want to consider aircraft ownership. Depending on your typical mission profile, you should also be able to save enough time with the aircraft to offset the costs involved. Remember – purchasing a private jet should make your life easier, not more complicated. The goal of aircraft ownership is to save money in the long term, so if a cost-benefit analysis isn’t pointing towards time savings or increased profit for your business, there are many other options available to you, such as our Jet Card program.

Identifying the Perfect Private Jet


Our purchase process starts with your Jet Linx Aircraft Acquisitions Agent conducting a comprehensive interview to gain a complete understanding of what you need in a private jet. You can expect this exploratory discussion to include:

  • Your typical mission profile
  • Destinations you plan to travel to frequently and types of trips you envision taking
  • How many passengers you’ll fly with and how much luggage you’ll regularly have
  • How frequently you’ll be flying

For example, once we know that a client’s most important use for a private jet is to attend regular business meetings at a specific location, we can begin to identify business jets that have the right seating capacity, that won’t need to make a fuel stop, and that have the desired amenities. By allowing us to understand why you are buying a private jet, we can offer you the proper aircraft to fit your needs. 

Considering Aircraft Ownership?

Here are six considerations to help you get started.

Understanding the Costs of Buying a Private Jet


Aside from the initial purchase price, there are many other costs associated with private jet ownership. Before we help our clients buy private jets, we educate them on added costs to form a clearer picture of what private jet ownership looks like from a financial perspective. Our team values honesty and transparency from the outset of the process, so we clearly define all costs and expenses associated with buying a private jet.

Maintenance and Operating Costs

Jet Linx often receives volume discounts (up to 15% off) due to the size of our fleet. This figure is largely dependent on how many hours are flown and the type of aircraft purchased. While operating costs can mount, Jet Linx offers built-in revenue through the Jet Card program to help offset these costs. Few other operators can make this promise.




Fuel is the single largest expense for aircraft owners. To remain competitive and offer the best experience to aircraft owners, we research the best programs and negotiate the fairest prices through partnerships with major fuel vendors and FBOs nationwide. Significant fuel savings are passed on to aircraft owners, reducing private jet maintenance costs by a minimum of 15%. The effort to negotiate fuel prices remains a fluid process but our team remains committed to passing on the greatest amount of fuel savings to owners.


Hangar Cost

Aircraft owners are responsible for the costs of hangaring, but our accounting teams and operations professionals handle the administrative and logistical burdens. Our team negotiates aggressively to offer the most competitive price for hangar space by using fuel volume as a leverage point. As a result, Jet Linx offers some of the most competitive storage rates in the private jet industry. Insurance: Jet Linx works closely with brokers and underwriters to keep tabs on Loss Runs, which result in competitive, industry-best premiums for aircraft owners. Coverages within the policy remain high as a result of ongoing negotiation to benefit aircraft owners. Each and every claim is evaluated and scrutinized to determine what could have been done to prevent or mitigate damages. Much of the private jet repair work is kept in-house to control maintenance costs and to effectively manage the return to service through dedicated private jet maintenance teams.

Crew and Training

Jet Linx manages administrative services necessary to crew pilots for your aircraft, including hiring, training, scheduling, payroll, and benefits. During the pilot hiring process, you’ll have the ability to review resumes, participate in the interview process, and provide final approval. Jet Linx pilots are subject to a rigorous pre-employment screening and onboarding process including crew member orientation, TSA-mandated fingerprinting-criminal background records check, FAA crew member records check (PRIA), drug and alcohol testing and Part 135 crew member aircraft simulator training and line check. Clients also benefit from the volume of pilot hiring at Jet Linx; many pilot training events come at a discounted rate due to the steady stream of hiring and training done at Jet Linx. These savings are passed on to aircraft owners.

With experience managing over 30 aircraft types, our team has an intimate understanding of the operating costs and service requirements of nearly every type of private jet. Our team provides predictable costs and accurate revenue potential to prospective aircraft owners, making for an easier and more secure decision. After a successful private jet purchase, many aircraft buyers transition into our turnkey aircraft management program.

Considering Fractional Ownership?


If you own an aircraft or are considering private jet ownership and would like to offset a portion of your ownership and overhead expenses on a more fixed basis, we can divide your private jet purchase into shares and sell the shares to other local individuals and companies. Jet Linx will coordinate the advertising, sales, legal paperwork, and FAA compliance. More importantly, we will coordinate the account management after the aircraft sale so that it’s absolutely transparent that the transaction took place. It’s a simple way to relieve yourself of a piece of the financial commitments associated with buying a private jet individually.

Complete Aircraft Transaction Program

Leverage the expertise that comes from 20+ years of private jet operations in the Jet Linx Complete Aircraft Transaction Program, the industry’s only aircraft ownership lifecycle solution.

Aircraft Marketplace

The Jet Linx Aircraft Marketplace is where you’ll find private jets for sale from all cabin sizes across the country. With detailed descriptions, interior and exterior photos, and prices, it’s the perfect resource to find and compare your options when looking to buy a private jet.

Aircraft Management

When you make an investment as significant as the purchase of a private jet, you need to know your aircraft is being managed by the best. Our turnkey Aircraft Management solution is trusted by private jet owners across the nation. From personnel management and pilot training to maintenance and generating a return on your investment, we handle everything.