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Acquisitions & Sales

Helping You Purchase the Right Private Jet


Purchasing a private jet is a complex process that requires attention to detail, a firm understanding of what the jet will be used for, and the ability to find a jet for sale that meets all of the purchaser’s criteria. This is why prospective aircraft owners turn to Jet Linx.

We guide you through the entire process and leverage our network to not only help you purchase a jet that meets your specific travel demands, but we also protect you during the purchasing process. When making such a significant investment, you need experts with your best interest in mind at your side. You can trust the experts at Jet Linx.

Understanding Your Needs
from a Private Jet

Our process starts with your Jet Linx Aircraft Acquisitions Agent conducting a comprehensive interview to gain a complete understanding of what you need in a private jet. Things we’ll discuss with you include:

  • Your typical mission profile
  • Destinations you plan to travel to frequently and types of trips you envision taking
  • How many passengers you’ll fly with and how much luggage you’ll regularly have
  • How frequently you’ll be flying

By taking the time to understand your demands from an aircraft, we can identify private jets for sale that will meet those needs. For example, once we know that a client’s most important use for the jet is to attend regular business meetings at a specific location, we can begin to identify jets that have the right seating capacity, that won’t need to make a fuel stop, and that have the desired amenities.

Considering Aircraft Ownership?

Here are six considerations to help you get started.

Jet Linx Protects You Throughout the Purchasing Process

Jet Linx guides you through every step of the purchasing process. From the initial interview to connecting you with trustworthy brokers and pre-purchase inspection facilities, we’re at your side to provide our expert advice. Your Aircraft Acquisitions Agent will:

  1. Perform an owner and aircraft matching assessment.
  2. Identify an aircraft broker best suited for acquisition.
  3. Perform an initial aircraft records review to identify damage history, compliance with airworthiness directives and service bulletins, repairs, alterations, component replacement, and inspections.
  4. Assist in the selection of a pre-purchase inspection facility.
  5. Provide aircraft specific guidance and recommendations to the maintenance facility’s standard pre-purchase inspection.
  6. Supervise and assist with the pre-purchase inspection.
  7. Evaluate pre-purchase inspection findings for accuracy and thoroughness.
  8. Upon completion of the pre-purchase inspection, provide a forecast of maintenance required/due items for the next 24-month period.

Considering Joint Ownership?

If you own an aircraft or are considering full aircraft ownership and would like to offset a portion of your ownership and overhead expenses on a more fixed basis, we can divide your aircraft into shares and sell the shares to other local individuals and companies. Jet Linx will coordinate the advertising, sales, legal paperwork, and FAA compliance. More importantly, we will coordinate the account management after the sale so that it’s absolutely transparent that the transaction took place. It’s a simple way to relieve yourself of a piece of the financial commitments associated with full aircraft ownership.

Aircraft Marketplace

The Aircraft Marketplace is where you’ll find jets of all sizes for sale across the country. With detailed descriptions, interior and exterior photos, and prices, it’s the perfect resource to find and compare your options when looking to purchase a private jet.

Aircraft Management

When you make an investment as significant as the purchase of a private jet, you need to know your aircraft is being managed by the best. Our turnkey Aircraft Management solution is trusted by jet owners across the nation. From personnel management and pilot training to maintenance and generating a return on your investment, we handle everything.

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