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Rich Ropp, Vice President of Business Development & Aircraft Management Sales at Jet Linx, knows full well the power that private aviation can offer a business.


Ropp’s background in business aviation spans three decades through increasingly complex service, sales, and leadership roles for well-known companies including Million Air, Midcoast Aviation, PGA, JetCorp, JSSI, Sentient Flight Group, Jet Aviation, and now, Jet Linx. Additionally, he founded and operated Aircraft Appearances, an aircraft detailing company located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and St. Louis, Missouri.

Ropp’s educational approach and a unique understanding of the common challenges and issues within private aviation brings a certain candor and clarity to conversations around the value of a Jet Card.

“I think that first and foremost, the business aviation solution isn’t meant to replace all airline travel. It’s more often a sophisticated and strategic add-on to handle what I call ‘critical missions,’” explained Ropp. “These are trips to see key clients and vendors. These hugely important, face-to-face meetings are where you really need to get out there and force the agenda.”

There’s a certain cost of doing business when an organization chooses to fly commercially for all business activity. “You can send two executives on an airline, but you’ll likely pay for hotels and per diem allotments. When you’re utilizing a business jet, you can transport more executives to more places in a single day,” Ropp elaborated. “With a business jet you multiply productivity by getting your team in and out efficiently. They also enjoy the benefit of seeing their families at night, reducing stress and fatigue that often comes with commercial travel.”

For Ropp, the Jet Linx Jet Card is a tool that allows for an increase in both productivity and quality of life. “We hear about the quality of life often, but it’s really true that traveling on airlines can be tough. With commercial airlines it is basically impossible to go to two different locations and return home on the same calendar day. That impacts both the financial and personal bottom line.”

Unwavering Safety Standards


For businesses and individuals, the evaluation of any transportation solution begins with safety. Ropp was eager to note that safety is the number one reason a business would utilize a Jet Linx Jet Card. “When we say we have a safe platform, we mean that our safety program is completely circumvented from the financials. The Jet Linx Director of Safety reports directly to the President and CEO. This means that there is never financial pressure to operate unsafely. If we cannot fly safely, we don’t. This comes on top of our industry-best safety certifications and standards,” Ropp confirmed.

Jet Linx boasts national and international safety accreditations, including the Aviation Research Group/ US (ARGUS) Platinum, International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage 3, and Wyvern Wingman ratings. Of all aircraft operators in the entire world, less than 1% have earned all three safety ratings.

Since 2017, Jet Linx has conducted an all-company Safety Summit, pausing all retail flight operations for an entire day to dedicate the entire team to advancing the safety culture. The company remains the only airline to take such a proactive, company-wide measure each year. In addition to the Safety Summit, in 2019 the company launched a Safety Symposium series, connecting industry operators and partners across private aviation to discuss risks and plan for a safer future.


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Cost Certainty


The private aviation industry sometimes gets a bad rap for quotes that don’t reflect the real price of a trip. Jet Linx is not a small, inexperienced charter company. With twenty years of experience in the aviation industry, every member of the team understands how important clarity and accuracy is to the bottom line.

A Jet Linx Jet Card provides guaranteed hourly rates, with quotes that reflect fixed hourly rates with no hidden fees. Whether your travel is round-trip or one-way, the rate is for occupied flight time only.

“It’s important for companies to know our pricing. When they sign a trip quote, that cost they’ve approved turns into their invoice. This kind of reconciliation on the back end is a huge win for companies,” said Ropp.

With cost certainty also comes budget predictability. “As a business, Jet Linx knows the value of honesty and predictability in financial records. We work with integrity and dedication to provide quotes that will be mirrored on your balance so that your business as a whole has fewer worries,” Ropp assured. Guaranteed rates also mean it’s easier for your team to look at planned travel needs and budget accordingly.

Your local team is available via phone, email, or our Mobile App to answer any questions on costs. Our availability on the local level ensures Jet Linx makes doing business that much easier.

Corporate Travel Policy and Insurance


“This is where Jet Linx can come in and provide value to companies that are new to business aviation. On top of private aviation services, our experts can coach your risk management teams and work with your insurance providers to craft the safest and lowest-risk travel policies,” said Ropp. “We work closely with our Jet Card business clients to ensure that their business interests are protected when executives travel solo or in groups.”

Jet Linx can craft travel policies detailing the number of authorized users, authorized scheduling agents, maximum amount for trip approval, and more. Our team understands the legal jargon surrounding many policies, providing a clear account of what we believe is best for your business before you send it back to your legal team for consideration. Writing a well-thought-out travel policy will also make predicting future costs easier.

“Let’s say you have an executive meeting all of your board members need to attend. If you have a healthy travel policy in place, you wouldn’t want them all on the same flight. You would know ahead of time that you would need to reserve more than one aircraft. Predicting these costs is critical when making the decision to purchase a Jet Card,” Ropp advised.

Even if you’re a seasoned user of business jet services, Jet Linx will work to review and enhance your existing travel policy plans, ensuring that you have the safest and most secure structure in place. This business-to-business service ensures that risk remains low when flying on critical missions.

“Tied to the risk and safety aspect is our combined umbrella insurance coverage. This is provided from Jet Linx to a Jet Card client’s company. This ranges from $100 million to $300 million in additional coverages. To know that a company offers something like that, it really provides peace of mind to Jet Card clients,” Ropp assured. He also stressed, “An insurance company would never allow such a policy unless they were certain of how safe and secure our private aviation platform is.”

Jet Cards as a Travel Cost


When you purchase a Jet Linx Jet Card, it’s classified as a travel expense – not an asset. A Jet Card offers a soft agreement; one that can be used as little or as much as needed. Instead of a big red mark on the ledger – one that your shareholders will scrutinize – a Jet Card creates a line of delineation. Unless your shareholders take a long look at the ledger, travel via a Jet Card will not jump out.

“The way Jet Card costs appear in financial books is a strength. A Jet Card shows as a travel expense, which is lumped in with airline fees, hotels, and everything else. With fractional or wholesale ownership, those would be documented as assets and you are forced to use them. You’re accountable to shareholders for these things, whereas a Jet Card is a very soft agreement. There are no penalties for not using it,” Ropp declared.

As a non-asset, there is no long-term commitment like a fractional share or whole aircraft ownership. You are only charged for the hours you fly. A Jet Card is free from the responsibilities or costs associated with maintenance, crewing, or storing the aircraft – all of these details and more are taken care of by the professional team at Jet Linx.


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Total Optimization


“Flying privately allows your team to work in a setting that’s more conducive to success. Access to Wifi is standard on business jets, and they are outfitted with tools that modern businesses need to function,” Ropp stated. “Whether on the ground at the terminal, or in the air – Jet Card users don’t have distractions that come along with commercial travel.”

When flying on commercial airlines, productivity is hard to come by. Crowded terminals and spotty Wifi are to be expected. Nearly all aircraft in the Jet Linx fleet have onboard Wifi.

This connectivity allows employees to remain in communication with colleagues on the ground throughout the duration of their flight and can be critical for companies managing a rapidly changing situation or preparing for a big meeting. Not only can you get from point A to point B more quickly via private jet, but your team can also continue working and providing customer service on the fly.

“In short, business aviation is a time multiplier. It allows your key employees to do more, faster. This is no different than investing in state-of-the-art computer software,” Ropp asserted. “There are many statistics to back up these claims,” he added.

Private, Secure and Confidential


Jet Linx is perfect for those that value privacy and security. When using our aircraft and our private terminals, your team can plan and collaborate en-route. Your executive team can discuss proprietary information in a secure environment without fear of eavesdropping, industrial espionage, or physical threat.

In short, business aviation is a time multiplier. It allows your key employees to do more, faster. This is no different than investing in state-of-the-art computer software. General charter companies (not to mention commercial aviation)  don’t offer the same privacy. You won’t have access to conference rooms, and you’ll be sharing space on a plane. That’s a nightmare if you’re trying to be discreet.


In this respect, Jet Linx is truly unique – even those flying from a third-party Fixed Base Operator (FBO) will not have true, members-only privacy. We offer truly private terminals to our clients in 19 cities, each outfitted with high-speed Wifi, conference rooms, secured entries, and a personal team that is ready to go above and beyond what is necessary to assist you.

Rich Ropp

Vice President of Business Development & Aircraft Management Sales, Jet Linx Aviation

Face-to-Face Value


Consider these eye-opening statistics* on the value of face-to-face meetings:

  • For every $1 invested in business travel, companies receive a value of $12.50
  • Face-to-face requests were 34 times more likely to garner positive responses than the emails
  • Facial expressions and inflection are 93% more impactful than word choice
  • Face-to-face meetings generate more ideas than virtual conversations, and they are also more original and flexible
  • Of those surveyed, 72% say they were influenced by looks and a handshake

The business apparatus is often too reliant upon technology, which makes communication quicker but less effective. Nothing replaces a face-to-face meeting. It’s much harder to say ‘no’ to someone that has flown hundreds of miles to shake your hand and speak with you. In-person conversations are often more clear, concise, and flow more naturally – which allows room for more business opportunities to arise. Digital communication is restrictive, but anything can happen in the boardroom. Our experienced pilots can get you to your business meeting on schedule, putting you in a perfect position to be successful.


Jet Linx has 18 Base locations nationwide to serve our Jet Card clients and aircraft owners on a local level.


Forbes Five-Star Service with National Infrastructure


Jet Linx offers the service and personal attention of a local team backed by the strength, stability, and standards of a national company. The symbiotic partnership between local Bases and the National Operations Center ensures efficient and thoughtful service delivery 100% of the time. Jet Linx offers expansive resources at a national level, with white-glove, Forbes Travel Guide-certified luxury customer service at the local level.

“Our secret lies in the thoughtful distinction of responsibilities between local Base teams and our National Operations Center. The National Operations Center houses departments like Flight Coordination, Crewing, Accounting, Maintenance Control, IT, and Human Resources, while our Base teams operate in their well-known locales, offering personalized private aviation services to the communities that they live in,” said Ropp. “This ensures maximum focus on every client and every trip is possible.”

Jet Linx is the first and only private aviation company to partner with Forbes Travel Guide (FTG). The entire team, from maintenance technicians to pilots and Flight Concierge, has been expertly trained in FTG’s proprietary training standards and will continue to be audited in order to continually improve service.

Fly with confidence, flexibility, and assurance. Contact Jet Linx to learn more about our corporate jet solutions.