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Sheryl Clarke

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Sheryl Clarke

Director of Safety

Sheryl served 9.5 years in the USAF as a pilot, receiving the several medals and exited the service at the end of the first Gulf War. In 1998 she joined Continental Express as a First Officer on the ATR and over the course of 17.5 years served as a EMB-145 Captain and Check Airman, the Manager of Flight Standards, and was recruited by United Airlines when she was the Managing Director of Safety and Quality for ExpressJet Airlines. While at United she implemented a safety program for the United Express Division and subsequently served as the Managing Director for Airport Operations.

In this role, Sheryl led the Safety efforts for ExpressJet including implementation of an SMS system and saw them through the growth of 800 to over 4,000 pilots and upwards of 370 aircraft. Her efforts included proactively improving multiple safety related programs including ASAP, HAZMAT, Emergency Response, and internal evaluations. ExpressJet was her first civilian employer. She has a total of 8,000 hours of flight time and is typed on the B-707, B-720 and the EMB-145.

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