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Jes Wingad

Jet Linx

Jes Wingad

Director of Training


Growing up in an aviation family, Jes is a third-generation aviator, but the first to have a career as air carrier pilot – his grandfather flew for fun, and his father was in the military. From an early age, a dream of flying jets was a driving force in his life.

After high school, Jes completed the course to become an aircraft maintenance technician, while also flying and instructor future pilots. In 1997, he was hired to fly for a regional carrier based on the East Coast offering airline service throughout the Midwest and East Coast cities. In 2006, the airline ceased operations, and Jes took up his first position at Jet Linx as a pilot.

In addition to being a pilot, Jes took on the role of the Director of Training and in 2021, was promoted to Base Chief Pilot for the floater pilot group, as well as managing the training department.

Jes and his wife live on a small farm in Iowa, and he enjoys supporting his children in the school activities as they begin their lives and prepare for their future.


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