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Heather DeRegis

Jet Linx

Heather DeRegis

Base Vice President


Heather brings a quarter-century of aviation experience spanning back to 1996 when she graduated from Dowling College with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics & Management. While working as a crew scheduler for Kiwi Airlines, Heather obtained her FAA Dispatch License at Flight Safety International and soon switched to a dispatch role at Kiwi Aviation.

In 1998, Heather transitioned to private aviation when she joined Million Air Charter, which later became Meridian Air Charter. By 2000, Heather earned a promotion as Flight Operations Manager, where for two decades she oversaw a team of 10 flight followers and dispatchers for worldwide flight operations across a fleet that grew to 29 aircraft.

When Jet Linx acquired Meridian Air Charter in 2020, Heather’s decades of experience were immediately put to use as an Aircraft Account Manager for aircraft in both New York and Boston territories. In 2021, Heather earned promotion as New York Base Vice President where she looks forward to building and growing the Base at Teterboro Airport, one of the busiest private airports in the nation.

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