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Dee Ruleaux

Jet Linx

Dee Ruleaux

Director of Recruiting & Industry Partnerships


Before joining the aviation industry, Dee worked at Renewable Energy for ten years. During that time, she focused on building wind technician training programs, driving safety, and developing one of the first wind technician program at the Northwest Renewable Energy Institutes.

Dee has dedicated four decades to the world of work – training, recruitment, screening, work-life balance, and building strong lasting relationships. As the Director of Recruiting & Industry Partnerships for Jet Linx, she helped establish Destination 225˚, a pilot career pathway program with Southwest Airlines. Dee will continue developing and fostering new relationships that will help grow and support Jet Linx and the world of aviation.

Dee has had the honor to present at the American Wind Energy Association’s National Convention in Dallas, Texas. She received two awards from Washington D.C. for creating innovative solutions between public, private and government sectors to help produce a better skilled workforce and reduce turnover. She is also an active member of Women in Aviation and Women in Wind.

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