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Brian Walker

Jet Linx

Brian Walker

Flight Coordination Director


With 26 years of experience in the private aviation industry, Brian brings a rare level of passion and dedication to his role as Director of Flight Coordination at Jet Linx, evidenced by his 2019 Supply the High Grand Prize award – the highest honor bestowed upon Jet Linx team members.

After graduating with a B.S. from Eastern Kentucky University, Brian worked as a Dispatcher for Delta/Comair and also as the Operations Command Center Director at TMC Jets before joining Jet Linx in 2019. In his role as Director of Flight Coordination, Brian oversaw a restructuring of the department to improve efficiency, accountability and communication across Flight Planning, Flight Following and International Flight teams.

Outside of Jet Linx, Brian works on social justice committees in Omaha to improve city transportation, infrastructure and to fight poverty and racism. Brian is currently the Communications Director and Board Member of the Omaha Area Sanctuary Network which provides support to immigrants and refugees.

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