July 20, 2015

A Day in the Life of Jet Linx with WSI

Ever wonder how our Jet Linx pilots are able to carefully navigate private jets through all kinds of changing weather? WSI, the professional division of The Weather Company, visited Jet Linx to see how we use their Pilotbrief software to do just that. See their video, “A Day in the Life of Jet Linx, a WSI Customer” to go behind the scenes with Jamie Walker, Jet Linx Aviation President & CEO; Ari Sarmento, Jet Linx Aviation System Chief Pilot; and other members of the Jet Linx team.

“When we founded the company in 1999, we set out to provide the industry’s best customer service experience,” Walker said. “Weather plays into every aspect of a good customer service experience. Weather is one of the largest dictators of how well a flight can go, so when it comes to our service and the service provided by WSI, it’s an essential piece of the equation. It begins with flight planning.” The Jet Linx team looks into every aspect of each flight, from the planned departure and arrival airports and the airplane assigned to the weather.

WSI’s tools help Jet Linx receive the most current data possible. “Weather affects everything,” said Beau Linn, Flight Coordination Supervisor. “Each piece of weather information we get from WSI is critical,” Sarmento added. “Without that weather information, we’re liable to have issues with passenger comfort, and we don’t want to go into known icing, thunderstorms, or things of that nature. We want to make sure we stay clear of those things that can impact an aircraft.”

“Although it doesn’t always agree with you when you’ve got to follow Mother Nature, if you follow it and do the right planning around it, the client ends up getting a much better experience,” Walker said.

Learn how the Jet Linx team plans for the best possible trip on every flight on our YouTube channel!

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