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4 Reasons to Choose Private Aviation Now & in the Post-Pandemic World

Apr 28, 2020 | Private Jet Travel

Private aviation offers certainty in uncertain times.


Travel as we know it has changed, and at this time, a clear picture of the future is obscured by unknowns. The timeline for a return to pre-pandemic travel patterns could stretch months, if not years. But human nature, in which we are drawn to exploration, to experiences and to one another, ensures travel and hospitality will bounce back. What remains to be seen is when, and how.

Private jet flights from a reputable, stable provider remain the smart and safe air travel solution as the world moves through and beyond the coronavirus outbreak. As we see a gradual return to normalcy, the industry will likely see a surge of first-time private aviation consumers. Explore the top four reasons to consider private aviation from Jet Linx now and in a post-pandemic world.


Fly Jet Linx for private jet access, safety, flexibility and stability.

Fly Jet Linx for private jet access, safety, flexibility and stability.

1. Access


With the full weight of shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders in effect, commercial air travel has fallen as much as 95% over the last two months. Airlines have been forced to slash available routes and to offer far fewer flights between even major city pairs. As the appetite for travel for business or pleasure begins to reemerge, commercial airlines may be slow to ramp-up to full capacity – meaning incomplete access to all previous routes and destinations. Private jet service from Jet Linx remains readily available and flexible to your needs and schedule.

NOW: Private aviation from Jet Linx offers a guaranteed travel solution, getting you where you need to be when you need to be there. Our promise of guaranteed availability means no unexpected cancellations of flights. It also assures you are able to travel when needed and at a time most convenient for you. Plus, Jet Linx Jet Card members have the power of our fleet of over 100 aircraft at their disposal. Our expansive and diverse fleet ensures the right aircraft for any mission. In response to the needs of the traveling public amidst the pandemic, Jet Linx launched a limited-time Affiliate Jet Card. This program offers access to our guaranteed services for 90 days.

Post-Pandemic: Even upon return to full operating capacity, commercial airlines only offer a fraction of the access afforded by private aviation. Commercial airliners can operate in and out of approximately 500 airports across the country. Jet Linx jets can deliver you to and from a network of over 5,000 airports. For the greatest access to both major metropolitan and harder-to-reach destinations, private aviation remains the most viable solution.

2. Safety & Security


Commercial airports amidst the coronavirus outbreak are but shadows of their former selves, with mere handfuls of passengers flying in and out each day. Many customer conveniences and food options at these airports are shuttered. As air travel begins to reemerge, commercial airports will again become touchpoints for exposure to unknown travelers, lines and delays.

NOW: Jet membership with Jet Linx means traveling with only those in your immediate party, be it your coworkers, family or friends. Your booked jet is just that – yours. No unknown passengers, and no uncertainty in who is seated near you. All aircraft in the Jet Linx fleet have been treated with the groundbreaking antimicrobial and disinfection technology of BIOPROTECT. We remain the first and only airline to implement this innovative system. BIOPROTECT creates a rough surface layer, imperceptible by the naked eye, that ruptures viruses or bacteria on a cellular level. This friction causes microorganisms to die.

Our local Jet Linx teams continue to ensure access to your preferred food and beverage items. They can also assist with catering sourced through trusted and safety-minded food and beverage partners. Each interaction is respectful of social distancing protocols to further ensure your safety.

Post-Pandemic: Jet Linx remains the only private jet operator with an extensive network of private terminals across the country (19 and counting). These facilities are member-only, further insulating you and your party from the general traveling public, and offering more security than a traditional FBO. Your flights, on your schedule, ensure no layovers in crowded commercial spaces. There is no contact with other unknown travelers. All of our private terminals have also been treated with BIOPROTECT. These facilities allow you to arrive and board within minutes for your private jet flight.

3. Reliability


Commercial air travel at this time remains unpredictable at best, with no guarantees that booked flights will take place as scheduled. There is also no clear path to a return to regular operations. Non-guaranteed private jet charter operations can present the same pitfalls. A mechanical issue or other service interruption can leave you with no jet and a scramble to find an alternative solution.

NOW: A Jet Linx Jet Card membership assures three guarantees: guaranteed availability, guaranteed and fixed hourly rates, and a guaranteed highest standard of safety. Our program ensures your private jet flight takes place, with a promise of a recovery aircraft in the event of a mechanical, at the same hourly rates. When urgent travel needs arise during trying times, our program will get you where you need to go.

Post-Pandemic: The guarantees in our program offer reliability during unpredictable times and beyond. As travel becomes less the exception and more the norm, the guaranteed rates in the Jet Linx Jet Card program ensure ease in planning. Our clients know what to expect and see the same hourly rates by aircraft category size for every trip. Private jet flights from Jet Linx ensure an aircraft when you need it, for both business or vacation travel.

4. Stability


The pedigree of your chosen travel provider matters, within the context of the current coronavirus outbreak and beyond. Smaller, less established private jet companies have suddenly ceased operations and closed their doors amidst this economic upheaval, leaving clients in the lurch. Larger private jet operators with asset-heavy business models have met a similar fate.

NOW: With over 20 years of safety and service in private jet services, Jet Linx is the travel partner you can trust. Our leadership and flight operations team brings a wealth of aviation, travel and safety expertise to every flight. Jet Linx successfully navigated the economic downturn of 2008/2009. Our asset-light model further ensures we have the strength and stability to continue to serve our clients now and on the other side of the COVID-19 event.

Post-Pandemic: Jet Linx remains laser-focused on building the best possible private aviation experience. Our partnership with Forbes Travel Guide introduced standards of luxury service excellence to the private jet industry for the first time. We continue to evaluate and train all client-facing teams to elevate our service to a higher standard. Jet Linx also continues to invest in technology to serve our clients, with a robust mobile app offering secure, 24/7 access to our services. As travel makes its comeback, our programs ensure a five-star experience both in the air and at your destination. Our Elevated Lifestyle program continues to offer access to special perks from the best in luxury brands. This summer, the company will launch the industry’s first hotel concierge program. The program, in partnership with star-rated hotels, will offer exclusive rates and accommodations to Jet Linx clients.

Fly with confidence, flexibility, and assurance. Contact Jet Linx today.


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